Lifetime Needs To Make It Work

Upsetting homosexuals everywhere, Lifetime will not air its first season of Project Runway this fall, but instead move the stolen series to a January debut.

It’s a pretty surprising development, given all the hype Harvey Weinstein leveraged as he cajoled the B-list network into paying a higher fee for the franchise.


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  • seitan-on-a-stick

    And a C-list Reality Show….

  • The Angry Fag

    Why would they be mad at Season 6 isn’t being aired this fall? We’re still in the middle of Season 5 on Bravo and Top Model Cycle 11 just started.

  • Darth Paul

    Words cannot express my apathy…

  • ggreen

    If only both Runway and Top Model would both disappear. Then every gay person I run into wouldn’t breathless ask me if I watch it and then go in to a long diatribe about the show and the people on it like they were his closest friends or family. Gay’s need to turn the TV off it’s making gays just like heterosexuals! (Fat, Stupid and self-obsessed)

  • Cam

    The show is still airing now, why would they start it right as another one is finished? Sounds smart to run it in Jan.

  • Gregoire


  • Darth Paul

    Will you marry me, GGreen?

  • IDNY

    GREEED GREED GREED of corporate suite (the W Brothers).

    Another one ruin. This is just the beginning of the end.

    I always say, ‘if it aint broke,dont fix it’

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