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Like a Good Partner, Davey Wavey’s Boyfriend Gives Him a Hand

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We know Davey Wavey has a boyfriend, because he has mentioned him in previous videos and blog posts. But we have never seen this individual. We only hear about the guy in stories about being picked up from the airport, or, when Davey was in Sydney for a spell, how they hadn’t seen each other in two months. But now that Davey is back home in Toronto, moving in to a new place, the BF finally revealed himself to the camera.

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  • MuscleBoy

    What a retard.

  • TheAwfulTruth

    I posted this regarding “straight” Onision and his bad advice, but it applies to this creature Davey as well:

    I am always amazed at how people think that by talking to a little camera in their bathroom at home they can spew whatever they want. People like this guy or Davey Wavey, who are they? What credentials do they have? Are they licensed psychologists, therapists, counselors? No.
    This man Onision ends by saying “I am here to help, not to make you feel ashamed.” Umm, gee, thanks, but, who really gave you the experience, the clarity, the authority to talk about delicate issues that pertain to one’s life or homosexuality?
    This kind of talk is very dangerous coming from people who are obviously Internet narcissists, who are addicted to YouTube and sit at home thinking of way to be “web famous”, while at the same time designing T-shirt with sayings of them that they believe will envelop the world and at the same time make them a quick buck.
    Stop the psychobabble. Work with teens, go to college, get a degree in the field you pretend to be offering advice in, join an organization, and THEN maybe you can have some weight to what you say.
    In the meantime though, you’re nothing but an attention-seeking grabbing dude sitting at home and bound to make inane arguments, like the one presented here.
    In other words: get a life.

  • ChicagoJimmy

    If we all stopped paying attention to this idiot, would he go away? Queerty, can you stop promoting this embarrassment?

  • Michael W.

    Does that mean he didn’t sleep with that Mitch guy in Australia? If so what a bummer for Davey. I would’ve fucked his brains out.

  • twee insipid indie bitch

    Love the Davey, don’t have a real reason why, just do. I wish him the best and if I ever see him I am giving him my number.

  • terrwill

    Times must be rough for Davey. Looks like he’s using a dial-up for connectivity……… : p

  • yeahright

    Isn’t his boyfriend that cute little Canadian rapper…I don’t remember his name…he actually appears in some of his earlier video – Scotty, maybe?

  • Scott in NYC

    What is Queerty’s obsession with this guy?

  • terrwill

    Boys and Girls…..The reason qWEIRty continues to post threads about Davey Wavey can be found quite easily by looking at the view count. Davey threads always generate among the highest click counts of any threads posted by qWEIRty…..

    So until the batteries permantly run out on Daveys video camera get used to him, he ain’t going anywhere…….

  • Qjersey


    I feel the same way about Dan Savage giving relationship and sex advice. He has ZERO credentials. BUT I love his astute political commentary

  • Qjersey

    in other words, it’s about the money. Still don’t get getting paid for “click counts,” since I never click on the ads and I make an overt effort to completely ignore them.

  • TheAwfulTruth

    @Qjersey: @Qjersey: @Qjersey: oh Qjersey, don’t get me started on Savage, that’s another dangerous idiot! My God, the stuff he writes in that alleged sex column of his is cringe-inducing. Yes, he does some good political thoughts to share, then again, he is a living, sentient being, above an eggplant, so I would hope that he would have something of some sense to say. But overall, another self-proclaimed gay spokesperson who knows little about what he talks about. Unless of course he is promoting his kid or one of his books.

  • TheInsider

    @ChicagoJimmy: maybe he can try some auto-erotic asphyxiation in one of his videos.

  • Soupy

    I’m not happy to find out that he lives in my city.

  • Bob

    This wavey guy is a loon!!! How dare he tell me how to live my life!

  • Kyle

    maybe he would like to be famous but he has very big heart to share his experience and knowledge to support gay lives,,, even though he is not proffesional psychologists, therapists, counselors but he is who has brave come to public not like some hiding behind,,, for everyone, think positive u will be happier in ur life

  • jerseyrob

    There is only one thing I don’t care for about Davey. The “I love you I love you” in his videos. I found that to be a big turn off. Other than that I think he’s very kool. Yea he’s full of him self BUT what’s wrong with that. Nothing.

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