Like, A Veto


As expected, California’s beefcake Governor Schwarzenegger took his overly muscled arm and slammed his rejection stamp on the bill that would have legalized same-sex marriage in that state with a big fat V-E-T-O. We hope he at least used a lovely shade of hot pink ink.

This all sucks for wedding-hungry gays in Cali, but our thoughts are also with his wife, Maria. This is the woman (or allegedly one of the women) who must share the same bed with the former gay boy toy (again, alleged, people). What must queer advocate Uncle Teddy think?

Trying not to appear like too much of a Grinch, he also signed “four bills strengthening” gays and lesbians rights. But the marriage issue will most likely head to the state’s highest court. Who knows? Next year’s Folsom Street Fair could include a delightful combination of leather chaps and silk veils after all.