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Like, Duder: Do Not Hijack Your Ex-Boyfriend’s Sweater And Then Purposefully Run Into Him Wearing It

duder, an original comedy web series helmed by The Onion‘s web producer Matt Kirsch, is about guys living the duder lifestyle in en why see. Fans like it for the dry comedy writ large by its muted sarcasm. The gays like it for Kirsch’s character Glen, who feels like a gay George Costanza written for the Williamsburg generation. In the above episode, Glen forces a reunion with his ex Stephen. It doesn’t go well.

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  • scott ny'er

    THAT was actually pretty funny and interesting. This was a good find.

  • Ryan

    Wow, pretty awesome. I Subscribed. Thanks for the head’s up queerty! :]

  • TommyOC

    Two questions:

    1) What is the “Williamsburg generation?” I really hope I was paying attention and didn’t errently step into it.

    (And yes, I’m aware of where Williamsburg is and no, I didn’t have to google it beforehand…)

    2) Why does a person referring to themselves as of the “Williamsburg generation” sound pretentious and douchey?

    Maybe I’m not cool. Perhaps it’s because my world doesn’t revolve around the “concrete jungle,” or whatever, but Queerty and its writers constantly amaze me at how NYC-centric they are – when they’re not amazing me on how catty they can be – and how their writing constantly inserts supposedly hip references that reek of a condescending “if you were here, you’d understand”-sort of tone.

    Don’t get me wrong, NYC is a lovely city. But contrary to many of its inhabitant’s beliefs, the world’s culture doesn’t revolve around it… and not everything coming from it is inherently funny and/or hip.

    Take, for example, this video clip.

  • Ronbo

    I’m with TommyOC. NYC is a nice place to visit – like the zoo. But, who wants to live like that – forced to run just to stay in place? The real world is where you can enjoy the moments of your life. Chasing stardom or money or fame or anything that will constantly be just out of your grasp is … exasperating. Why not find love and find yourself happy? Who really needs prada?

    I guess if you are empty, the name on a clothing fills you up?!? No, it just makes you more hollow. But then again, many would choose to be posers than be themselves. This kind of pretensiveness (is that a real word?) is just pre tense and a mess. They’ll be kicked out of the bottom of the porn industry soon enough.

  • scott ny'er

    @TommyOC: I agree. Sometimes Queerty does use NYC-centric references and it does seem to come off as condescending. But I can relate, because I roll my eyes at the Williamsburg generation, too.

    Williamsburg generation, I think, is a reference to how within the last 5 years Williamsburg has become the hip place to be. Lots of hipsters, young people flocked to it. The rents rose. Art studios popped up. Very, young, urban, hip.

    @Ronbo: Methinks thou generalizes too much. U make it seem like everyone who lives in NYC wears Prada and chases stardom. Versus the tons of people who come here to make a living and take advantage of what a big city has to offer. Working on Wall St, Silicon Alley, Fashion, as well as acting, Insurance, hospitals, etc. I can go on.

    I don’t disagree with you that some people are like that but really not everyone is like that. Sheesh.

  • Ronbo

    I just refer to the people that I know who live on the island. I’m sure there are some down-to-earth people who live there. However, You don’t go to the bus station to take a plane. I don’t go to zoo to see cats. There is a natural draw that you can’t deny.

    And, of course, I generalize. Statistics are the basis of all valid conclusions.

    Here’s to ScottNY’er (who has the post name to brag that he is a “NY’er”. He proves my point and his evident superiority with just a name. La..ti..da!

  • scott ny'er

    @Ronbo: Where are you from? Do you even work or live in NYC? Gosh, you must have met some horrible people. So judgmental and catty, you should be cast for the A-List. Are you Dereck by chance? In fact, with that attitude, you would probably fit right in with the people you denounce as NYC stereotypes.

    Btw, since there are tons of Scotts out there, I differentiate by location. Many people do that. But your perception is I did it to brag about NY. Wow, take a close look in the mirror and see what’s pushing those triggers to read stuff that isn’t there. I would hazard a guess that you really want to be like those people you so deem to hate. It’s like the bully who hates the homo but is really gay. Or, the girl not in the clique who thinks cliques are stupid.

  • alan brickman

    Technology meets mediocrity…..

  • TommyOC

    @scott ny’er: Thank you for your explanation of what constitutes the “Williamsburg generation.”

    And a note of support in another convo of yours, “I call myself TommyOC” not to brag about my location, but to differentiate myself from other Tommys.

    But I see where @Ronbo is coming from… mainly because I raised the point (possibly in a less inflammatory manner). There’s a lot of insecurity in the world, particularly amongst gays, and it’s often human nature for the insecure to quantify just *how* they’re actually better than you. For many people – and I don’t think I’m going far on a limb to specifically cite gays and women – our being better boils down to what we consume. What brands of clothes we wear. What kind of car we drive. And yes, whereabouts we live.

    Some people blessed with having been born in liberal areas of this country, areas that allow them to more fearlessly express themselves than had they been born elsewhere. Others are economically blessed with the means to move to such places.

    And still others prefer to live where they are, living their lives in a way uniquely theirs. And they’re happy.

    It might not be the life the city-dwelling art hipsters might abhor, but it works for these people. If anything, I feel we should all aspire to be more like these people. When many of us are flocking to established communes, they’re striking out and forming new communities of their own.

    But too often, people in the city have it in the back of their minds that location matters. That they’re better than others. A gay in the city is worth two in the bush, as it were.

    And that’s wrong. Why would you ever tie your intrinsic self-worth to something as temporary as location?

  • RonboPrada

    Also, I call myself this to differentiate myself from the OTHER self-loathing flyover Ronbo. Geech! Get her. Off to have my lips waxed. TTFN

  • RainbowPrada

    Stay off my territory, bitch. No one puts RainbowPrada in the corner!

  • RainbowBrite

    Now you’re stepping into my territory! I don’t want ANYONE to think you are ME.


    I take myself very seriously. Wendy can attest to that.

  • Ronbo

    Stop it – everyone! Let’s have a minute of calm. I don’t know what you read into my post; but, I love my friends in NYC. There is no hate. It’s derision for chasing something that is outside of yourself or your grasp. I love NYC. I love the bottom of the porn industry (big fan, watch it every day). I look forward to seeing my friends reach their dreams. But dream at night and save your achievements for the daylight. I don’t want to be stroking and moaning and see their ugly puss. It’s like I’m gagging with Bea Arthur in there anyway – I don’t need any more problems. Can’t we all just get along. If it’s sore, NY’er maybe you need a little healing. I’d like to get out of queens. Literally, figuratively I’m OK with topping the Queens. Just stop with the adoration of Woody Alle. Doesn’t he give you the creeps?

  • T

    Sorry guys, but Willliamsburg is place in Virginia. If you wish to refer to a neighborhood in Brooklyn, then the context better be clear or you should be more specific. And since we’re being honest, NYC is a gross nasty place to live. I realize the people who do live there think it’s worth it “for all the advantages” but — come on — they just say that in order to rationalize the terrible choices they’ve made.

  • JH

    @TommyOC: @Ronbo:
    “It’s derision for chasing something that is outside of yourself or your grasp.”
    What on earth are you talking about? Yes, young people come to NYC to ‘make it.’ As I’m sure you understand,it is an economic and cultural center where a lot of industries are based. You’re reading falsity or superficiality into ambition.
    So basically your position is that these transplants should stay in their place? You’re the arbiter of other people’s aspirations?
    Regarding people trying to fill their empty souls with Prada, yeah, materialism is bad but it’s specific to NYC. I think you might be singling out a specific kind of gay person that is not at all unique to NYC or not even particularly representative of gay people in NYC.
    But statements like, “But dream at night and save your achievements for the daylight,” make you sound, uh, awful.

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