What It’s Like To Identify As Gay And Trans

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We know it can be an awfully tough concept for some to wrap their heads around, but it bears repeating — sexuality and gender identity are two different things.

Just as there are men who are attracted to men and men who are attracted to women, so too are there trans women into guys and trans women into women. The same goes for any way you want to combine identities and interests.

Here’s a great rule of thumb: we’re all different and we’re all the same!

Below, we hear from the people who identify as trans and gay on Whisper:



I've spent years trying to navigate the world as a trans (and gay) man. I've finally figured it out and I feel great about who I am...relieved


Being gay and trans is the worst because practically every guy thinks I

I'm ftm transgender and I'm attracted to men but when I say I'm gay everyone thinks I'm a lesbian

I'm trans and gay so my dating pool is more like a puddle in the street.


Being gay and trans apparently doesn


I'm an identical twin, raised with my twin. I'm transgender and gay. My twin is a straight male. It is possible


My boyfriend is so supportive of me being gay and trans. I never thought I could find someone who got me, but he

I'm trans and gay. I'm always surprised by the amount of people who confuse that.

People tend to think I'm straight because I'm transgender and gay. They don't need to understand but it can get frustrating at times...