Like, Ohmigod! Molly Ringwald’s Gonna Be Grand Marshal Of L.A. Pride

1980s teen icon Molly Ringwald, now appearing in ABC Family’s The Secret Life of an American Teenager, has been announced as the grand marshal of this lear’s L.A. Pride celebration, reveals the Advocate.

It’s not a terrible pick: The star of  Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club, Ringwald is now a grown-up ally to the LGBT community who’s filmed PSAs against Prop 8, and included a 6-year-old trans boy in her recent collection of short stories, When It Happens to You.

And she’ll tell anyone who listens that Duckie, her BFF in Pretty in Pink, was a teenage closet case.

But couldn’t they find someone who was actually gay? Adam Lambert’s riding pretty high. And we hear Queen Latifah isn’t opposed to doing Pride events.