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Amos’ twelfth studio release, Night of Hunters has been described as a 21st-century song cycle inspired by select pieces spanning the last 400 years.

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The deadline to enter is Friday, September 23 at 6pm EST. Winners will be chosen at random and notified on Monday, September 26. Can’t wait till then? Below, enjoy the video for “Carry,” the album’s first single.

Night of Hunters comes out September 20. Pre-order at,  or


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  • MattyRoland83

    I love “Sirens”! One of her very best!

  • Frank

    Crucify is a great song. I’ll go with that one.

  • 3mmy

    I never heard about her until now. All I can say is *wow*… <3

  • Josh Crotto

    Every time I hear “1,000 Oceans”, my eyes water up. It’s such a sad song, but empowering at the same time. Always makes me think of those I’ve loved.

  • Breadquanda

    I love Tori Amos.

    I’m going to have to go with Precious Things as my favorite.
    It was the first song of her’s that I heard.

  • EdWoody

    Hmmm… let’s see… Spark, Mother, Riot Poof, Your Cloud, Beauty of Speed, That Guy…

  • gothichero

    My favourite song? I love everything that Tori has ever created. If you want me to pick up a few, let me see.. Precious Things, Sugar, Icicle, Crucify, A Sorta Fairy Tale.. I looove Black Swan and Siren… Of course.. Talula.. And I liked the FB page..

  • reo fordecor

    crucify. (already a fan)

  • driouxcipher

    “Pretty Good Year”

  • J.B.


  • Brian

    It’s a good thing I don’t know how to use bit torrent.

  • Robert

    “Take to the Sky.” (Hi, Dan!)

  • Arkano18

    I think my favorite Tori song is “Gold Dust”. I think it must be really powerful to pass your knowledge to the next generations…

  • The crustybastard

    Play “Happy Phantom” at my memorial, then go empty my bar.

  • skippyk

    SUGAR!!!!..especially live!!!

  • SpireaX

    The first song I heard from her is also my most favorite: Cornflake Girl.

  • Melinda

    Abnormally Attracted to Sin

  • Ethan

    sirens and the beauty of speed.

  • Ally

    Happy Phantom and A Sorta Fairy Tale always do it for me hehe

  • Jeremy Korgenski

    Bliss on her “To Venus and Back” album. I love me some tori amos….almost as much as I love me some queerty

  • GayGOP

    Hmm, hard to pick, it comes down between “Sirens” and “Sugar.”

  • fwah

    Let’s see, the song that speaks to me,among the many, I think Cooling is pretty haunting for me. Okay, and Carbon, Mother and Toast. I tried to do just one but theres no way.

  • freedoomboy

    Putting the Damage On

  • bads33d

    Cooling, for sure. Something about that track brings tears to my eyes every time..

  • Josh in OR

    For me, it’ll always be “Baker, Baker”. I had one of the first loves of my life dedicate that song to me before I knew who Tori Amos was and, thanks to that dedication, I now understand the awesome insanity that is Tori.

  • seth

    my fav tori song is northern lad!

  • shane

    putting the damage on

  • Wesley


  • Aaron


  • NateB79

    One of my top tracks is “Blood Roses” the passion in her voice in that song is just amazing.

  • Angel


  • Brandon

    Fire On The Side

  • Tim

    my favorite song from Tori, has to be “Cruel” or “Cornflake Girl”

  • Darien

    If I have to pick one, and not 100, it will be Siren, :)
    Love you Tori, ur new album is amazing!! but seriously, stop using fashion photographers, use artistic ones,

  • Blake

    ‘Beauty Queen / Horses’, the version off of ‘A Piano: The Collection’ is perfection, with the slight electronic drone underneath the piano.

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