Driver, Passenger Offended By Lip Locking

Lil’ Lesbians Booted From Bus

Being a queer teen may be one of the hardest things in the world. You’re confused, lonely and often on the receiving end of some pretty rude insults. Luckily for Portland teens Maika Rich and Jocelyn O’Neal, they found one another and started a little lesbian love affair. Not surprisingly, not everyone’s down with their struggle for stability. What is surpising, however, is that one such person – a city bus driver – used their faggotry to kick them to the curb.

Portland’s KOMO-TV reports:

[The girls] say a female passenger complained to the driver about the kissing and that the driver told them to “knock it off” and also called them “sickos.”

Rich says she then gave O’Neal a hug because it appeared she was upset about the exchange.

They say at that point the driver stopped the bus and ordered them off.

The girls say they are used to being picked on at school but felt defenseless against an adult.

The girls – who were on their way Sexual Minority Youth Recreation Center – are now considering filing a formal complaint against the city bus line, TriMet. A TriMet official claims they have a strict policy of not booting youth or other vulnerable people. While the driver’s still on the pay roll, they pledge a “full investigation”, whatever that means.