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Lil Nas X had the best response to tryhard trolls hacking his YouTube channel

Trolls tried their hardest to cause chaos over on Lil Nas X‘s YouTube channel today, but all they proved is that you can’t out-troll the master.

To be fair, the hacking was pretty chaotic; they deleted his home page, changed the channel’s name, and uploaded a mess of weird memes and cryptocurrency content.

The now-deleted hacks have been preserved over on Twitter:

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His team quickly recovered the channel and cleaned up. Rather than any kind of statement against the hacking, Lil Nas just showed that he wouldn’t be bested.

The Montero singer let these crypto losers know that he and his fans weren’t phased:

This isn’t even the first time his troll hackers have failed to outdo the original:

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Really, it’s hard to get weirder than he already acts on social media.

Just this week, the star tweeted out “i’m the c*m man”, “i am c*m”, and “don’t give up, one day you’ll be c*m just like me” one after another completely unprompted. Absolute mad lad.

Though his channel’s home page is currently still blank save for a “This channel doesn’t have any content” message, don’t fret! You can still find his whole fruity little catalogue over on his channel’s “Videos” tab.

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