Straight Baiting

Lil Nas X just perfectly trolled straight people…again

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Superstar rapper Lil Nas X has trolled his straight haters yet again, this time by faking a make-out video with TikToker Queen Blackwell.

The pair took to TikTok to spring their prank. The video in question, set to Lil Nas X’s “Industry Baby,” shows the two moving in on each other, as if to kiss. The footage then cuts to a shot of Lil Nas X’s bottom hanging outside the window of a car, breaking flatulence in sync with the beat of the song. Queen Blackwell does the same.

@lilnasx@quenblackwell♬ industry baby by lil nas x – lil nas x

The two then stage a mini-dance break together as the words “Sike We Gay” display on the screen, along with a pride flag emoji.

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The move comes following a pair of incendiary performances by Lil Nas X and his song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” first on Saturday Night Live, and then on the BET Awards. Both performances earned wide commentary in the media for their unapologetic queer sexuality. The latter performance on the BET Awards also made history, as Lil Nax X kissed another man on stage.

If the new TikTok prank offers any indication, Lil Nas X has no intention of toning down his gayness, or bowing to pressure from heterosexual haters. It’s just one more reason to love him.