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Lil Nas X opens up about checkered history with men…and current relationship status

“I was 18, I believe. Before that, there was a guy who wasn’t my boyfriend, but we met in middle school and we talked, after we both found out that each other were gay. But I didn’t act on anything until high school — well, middle school, but then high school. [Encountering homophobia] bred a lot of self-hate, but it also made me stronger. Once I was 17 or 18, I finally accepted it — like, for sure accepted it, slowly, more and more — and now I’ve grown into a person that is 100% open with it. I’ve had some good boyfriends and some bad ones. A lot of them were emotionally unavailable or had a lot of insecurity and whatnot. I’ve found someone special now. I think this is the one. I can’t explain it — it’s just a feeling.”–Rapper Lil Nas X, opening up about his dating history, and revealing that he currently has a boyfriend. In the same interview with Variety, the “Montero” artist also revealed he knew he was gay at age five.