Linda Eder Does Judy Garland


As we type this (limp wristed of course), we’re wearing a feather boa, ruby slippers and our favorite Argyle sweater from Banana Republic. Why? Because not only are we writing about the new Judy Garland tribute album but a Judy Garland tribute album recorded by a Broadway star. That, dear ladies, is as gay as you get and we’re making sure we’re overdressed for the part.

On the recently released Be Myself, Linda Eder does her best Judy impression tackling such classics like It Never Was You and Over the Rainbow. Eder doesn’t out-sing Judy, (hell, even Liza can’t out-sing her own mom) but her voice is absolutely riveting. Amazing talent, yes, but she unfortunately has a trashy background. She was a multiple winner on the American Idol of the 80’s, the uber-tacky Star Search.

We only hope Eder stops at imitating her voice and not her addiction to booze and pills. We’d like for her to be around for the Liza tribute album.

You lucky dogs in Houston can check out Eder live this weekend.