Linda Harvey: Anti-Bullying Programs In Schools Are “Selling Gay Behavior”

Christian conservative radio host/the official face of hate Linda Harvey claimed school anti-bullying programs of “selling gay behavior” earlier this week.

On her radio program Tuesday, Harvey cautioned listeners to be wary of GLSEN, which works to create a safe space at schools for LGBT students. She was talking in particular about GLSEN’s upcoming Ally Week, which takes place October 21-25.

Ally Week allows students and educators an opportunity to engage in a national dialogue about how everyone in and out of school can work to become better allies to LGBT youth.

Harvey claims the organization is using pledge cards, posters, t-shirts, signs, and all kinds of merchandise as part of a “re-education” plan to “pressure” students during Ally Week.

Said she: “It’s not appropriate for schools to allow this since, once again, it’s a back door way to get people to give approval to known high-risk, immoral, troubling behavior.”

She then called for schools to cancel Ally Week since “no responsible organization or school should be selling gay behavior to kids in the first place.”

Selling homophobia, however, is just fine.

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