Linda Harvey’s New Book Tells Parents To Listen To Her, Not Their Gay Child

linda-harvey-001So who are parents to believe? Their child or rightwing wingnut Linda Harvey? Well, if your kid tells you he’s gay, apparently Harvey.

In a new book, the Mission:America founder takes it upon herself to help parents second-guess their child. Titled Maybe He’s Not Gay: Another View on Homosexuality, the book insists “as more and more young people announce this is their identity, it’s time to take a closer look.”

Just in case you were wondering where this was headed, Harvey poses this question about coming out: “Are we sure this is the truth?” (BTW, don’t wait for a Harvey book titled Maybe He Is Gay. Gay doesn’t exist on Planet Harvey.)

Of course, Harvey fills parents’ heads with an endless serving of doom and gloom. “Does this identity bring the promised liberation and the key to a whole new life? Does it lift the burden of secrecy – or begin a different kind of struggle?”

But there’s good news! “Specifically for America’s youth, this book focuses on the bright future they can all have, regardless of the turmoil of adolescence, which for some may include same sex attractions or gender confusion. What do those feelings mean? Is there another possibility that transcends the seeming finality of a homosexual identity?”

All this for less than $10! So if your office holiday party is a little late and you need a gag gift, here’s your chance. It’s a gift that’s guaranteed to make you gag.

(H/t: GoodAsYou.org)