Linda Lingle Has Seen Through You Hawaii Gays Ditching the Word ‘Marriage’

Guys, c’mon. You thought getting Hawaii’s governor to sign the civil unions bill, which finally eeked its way out of both state legislatures, was gonna be an easy task? Not when Gov. Linda Lingle has the whole “But same-sex marriage is illegal” line to fall back on.

With Hawaii’s gays just a single signature away to actually receiving some marriage benefits (minus the word) — and an upgrade to the current domestic partnership band-aid — you’ve got the one woman who can make it happen saying things like, “It does appear to me on reading it, that it really is same-sex marriage, but by a different name.”

Which, let’s be honest, it so is! And what, you want to give marriage rights to college twinks who jerk off on school property? What kind of society do you gays think you live in.

(For what it’s worth, Lingle says she hasn’t made up her mind about a veto yet.)