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Lindsay Lohan Lives Up To Your Low Expectations In New Reality Show

lohan6f-4-webIn the last line of the preview for Lindsay, the new OWN documentary series reality show promising an inside look at the world of Lohan, Lindsay says with determination, “I know this is my last shot at doing what I love to do.”

This is just after Oprah gets real and tells her she needs to “cut the bullshit.”

I know we love a good ‘ole American comeback story, but haven’t we done this already? Does anyone actually care anymore about seeing the former national sweetheart pick up the pieces of her life? How many comebacks can a person have before the age of 30?

In the preview, Lindsay doesn’t exactly come off as sympathetic, sincere or even very nice at all.

She does want you to know how boring life has become though. “There’s no party I haven’t been to. No person I haven’t hung out with.”

She may not be the greatest actress in the world, but she does play one mean victim.

Here’s the trailer: