Lindsay Lohan Loves Facebook and Samantha Ronson

The latest entry in Freaky Friday: Sexuality Edition aka Lindsay Lohan’s relationship with DJ Samantha Ronson comes via Facebook, where under her pseudonym “Bella Vita” she posted a topic in the “Lindsay Lohan & Samatha Ronson” group over the weekend, titled “not breaking up”. Her message read:

“Tabloids and people tell lies- they always wanna see everything and anything good come to an end. duh”

Duh, indeed, Lohan. Our mother just joined Facebook over the holiday weekend and while she warily grasped the concept, we  have no idea how to explain this to her. “Well, you see Mom, some people on Facebook are so popular that their love life warrants its own group, where everyone can talk about them all day. But, if they want, they can go in under their “pseudonym” and comment on their relationship too. And then some gay blog will post about it and it’ll be ‘news.’ It’s sort of like high school, if everyone in the entire world was in your graduating class.”

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  • Cam

    could somebody please inform Miss Ronson that she is

    1. Not in a gang
    2. Gang members look stupid flashing gang signs
    3. Not being in a gang, she looks even more stupid doing it.

  • jeff

    the peace sign is a gang sign?

    man, if the gangs i knew threw up the peace sign, this world would be one fun loving place….

  • Cory R.

    speaking of them fingers… no wonder Lohan loves her some Sammy! DANG!

  • Graham

    It’s not a gang sign or a peace sign, it’s how British people flip you off…

  • mia

    Both of them are sub-standard representatives of their gender. Somehow they were drained into a pool and adhered to each other. Whee, what stimulating news. Such an accomplishment for the gossip media to follow their every bm. Time to wipe now.

  • Donna

    Why does Samantha Ronson sneer all the time? She looks so stupid.

  • Queerity Eats pussy!

    Queerity is a bullshit publication ive never heard of…it seems to run by bitch crystal meth taking queens who are mad there not chic enough to become tabloid material! so the fuck with peoples facebook profiles and put people down…real nice you cock sucking nancies!

  • Queerity Eats pussy!

    Oh and cam your not clever your probebly an ugly fag who is too ugly to go out so you blog about others!

  • firecracker613

    vita bella, not “bella vita” stupid.

  • ha

    i’m loving that ronson is flipping the bird while lohan is saying peace …

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