Lindsay Lohan May Not Be Gay (This Week)

Because we’re all marginally interested in the ever-changing sexuality of recovering former Disney girl (read: out of control druggie nympho) Lindsay Lohan, we’re sharing news that LiLo may not in fact be gay after having a spat with her girlfriend, DJ Sam Ronson.

Someone should tell her that having fights with your girlfriend is sort of what lesbians do. In this gripping account, complete with ironic air quotes, by News of the World’s Dan Wooten, we learn that:

“It was during a heated bitch fight with DJ Sam this week that Lilo confided in me that the relationship wasn’t working out.

As her “girlfriend” glared at her from across the VIP area of London’ s Dolce club, LiLo leaned in and whispered to me: “Things are very difficult at the moment. I’m just trying to work out what to do.”

It followed angry Sam ordering burly security men to clear out the area near Lindsay after lots of guys started to flock around her.

It seems the pair’s trip to London has proved to be the tipping point for the actress, who, according to friends, now reckons that Sam’s control over her has become unhealthy – oh, and the fact that LiLo says she’s not a lesbian.”

This follows on news that the couple were looking to adopt and before that, the denial that there was a relationship at all. We fully expect that by next week the couple will be reunited and/or throwing each other’s belongings out a window. We’re fine either way, really.