Lindsay Lohan (Sorta) Admits Lesbian Activity

We can all finally stop our tongue-wagging about Lindsay Lohan’s alleged lesbian love affair with DJ Sam Ronson.

The young duo have been generating plenty of headlines since they kissed over in Cannes. And, after centuries of speculation, little Lohan offered a lackluster confirmation that she and Ronson are bumping uglies.

Said the actress when asked about her relationship with Ronson: “I just wanna live a happy, healthy year, continue on the path that I’ve been on and be with the person that I care about. And my family.”

A “pal” went on to point out that Lohan hasn’t dated any men since she started chilling with Ronson. The lesbian’s will do that to you, girl!

(PS: Regardless of Lohan’s shrouded explanation, we bet this here’s just a phase.)