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Those Lindsey Graham blackmail rumors just got kicked up five notches

People have long speculated that Donald Trump is blackmailing Lindsey Graham, and that’s why the antigay senator from South Carolina has been such a loyal lapdog to him. While there’s no evidence to support the rumors, they’ve continued to swirl for years. And they just got kicked up about five notches by Steve Bannon.

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In a recent episode of his War Room podcast, Bannon railed against Graham, calling him a “scumbag” and a “slimeball” for allegedly turning his back on Trump.

Bannon was responding to remarks President Biden made when he said there are five Republican senators who privately told him they want to support his agenda but can’t do so out of fear of being primaried by pro-Trump candidates.

“The five traitors–and this is the scumbags and slimeballs you have here in the nation’s capital– he got five Republican senators have told him they agree with what he’s doing,” Bannon raged. “They agree with what he’s doing and they would vote and support him, but they’re afraid of, wait for it, the War Room Posse.”

“Have enough guts to step up and tell us, Lindsey Graham, who you are. We need you guys to step up to the plate, Lindsey Graham!”

That certainly sounds… ominous.

Newsweek reports:

Graham has blasted Biden repeatedly during the first year of his presidency. He said he would “never forgive” the president for withdrawing U.S. forces from Afghanistan during a Fox News interview last November, maintaining that he believed Biden had “blood on his hands.” His assessment of Biden was far different in a 2015 Huffington Post interview.

“The bottom line is if you can’t admire Joe Biden as a person, you’ve got a problem, you need to do some self-evaluation,” a teary eyed Graham said during the 2015 interview. “What’s not to like? … He’s the nicest person I think I’ve ever met in politics. He is as good a man as God ever created.”

Graham’s statements on Trump have also wildly differed over the years. Although he relented on Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election results after the January 6 attack on the Capitol last year, he said that the Republican Party would not be able to “move forward without President Trump” during a May 2021 interview with Fox News Host Sean Hannity.

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Bannon is known for playing dirty–very dirty–against people he doesn’t like. In 2020, for example, he was linked to the Chinese website that published x-rated photos of Hunter Biden. If the blackmail rumors about Graham are true, and if Graham has, in fact, turned on Trump as Bannon suggested, then we suspect things in MAGA land are about to get very ugly very fast.

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