hostage video?

Lindsey Graham near tears as he pines for Donald Trump on live TV, says “I miss Trump”

Lindsey Graham looked like he was about to cry as he openly pined for Donald Trump on Fox News yesterday evening.

While speaking to homophobe Laura Ingraham, the antigay senator from South Carolina talked about his deep concern over President Biden’s trip to the G7 Summit, saying he doesn’t think other countries are scared enough of the new president. (Because they were so scared of Trump.)

He also whined about how Biden isn’t pushing back hard enough against Russia (because Trump did such a great job at that) and China (because Trump also did such a great job at that), and he complained, “This is just all fluff and happy talk.”

Then he added, “I miss Trump.”

The clip is awkward, to say the least. Even more awkward, perhaps, then that time he was caught examining his finger on live television.

Some are comparing the whole thing to a hostage video. Others are questioning what blackmail Trump might have on Graham to cause him to behave in such a way.

Here’s what folx are saying…

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