Linking Martha Coakley to Kevin Jennings: A Desperate Stab to Dismantle Her U.S. Senate Campaign


We knew MassResistance, the anti-gay group founded by Brian Camenker, who believes same-sex marriage is to blame for worsening air quality, had a problem with GLSEN founder and safe schools czar Kevin Jennings. But Camenker is stopping his rampage there. He’s now taking on Martha Coakley, the Massachusetts attorney general and U.S. Senate hopeful, because she’s in cahoots with Jennings over distributing sex toys to children! Oooh, this is good. Blogs Camenker:

Kevin Jennings and his organization GLSEN sponsored the obscene Fistgate Conference in 2000 at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. There, they not only talked with children about fisting, anal beads, sadomasochism, and assorted perversions – they also invited groups to hand out their graphic and even frightening materials to young teens (who, of course, needed to know how a “phallic woman” puts on a condom, and other “safer sex” techniques for post-op transsexuals).

Why were Jennings and his cohorts not prosecuted for crimes against chastity, morality, decency and good order” (MGL Ch. 272 — which also still includes sodomy as “the abominable and detestable crime against nature”)? Simply put, because those very concepts are now dead in Massachusetts. How about the rest of the country?

Jennings and GLSEN knew there was a loophole in the Massachusetts law that would protect them on the charge of disseminating materials harmful to minors. (See below.) But what about “enticing away a person for prostitution or sexual intercourse” and “inducing a person under 18 to have sexual intercourse”? (MGL Ch. 272, Sections 2 & 4.) No loopholes in those sections that we can see. Still, they got away with it. Law enforcement authorities seem to be on the side of the perverts here.

Then-District Attorney Martha Coakley (now Democrat candidate for Ted Kenney’s U.S. Senate seat!) didn’t even bother to respond to Parents’ Rights Coalition’s (now MassResistance) request for a criminal investigation after the 2000 GLSEN event. (Ann Coulter recently wrote of another Coakley outrage, which should disqualify her as a Senator.)

No, Brian, you’ve got it wrong: Ann Coulter writing about Coakley further qualifies her as a senator.

Whatever. Carmenker’s real outrage is over Coakley’s federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of DOMA, which is pretty what MassResistance was founded to stop. Have fun with that now.

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  • terrwill

    This asshat is nuttier than all the fruitcakes sitting under
    Christmas trees thruout the country today……Check out
    his blog, I had no idea the Gays were responsible for
    basically every crisis that has occured since year one!
    If only we can somehow harness all that power…….

    Just another bitter self hating frightwing-nutbag lunatic
    If you use the googles to check out his mug, we may have
    found the cause of his madness. I think based on how fucking
    ugly he is based on how severely his face is pockmarked,
    that possibly when he was spending hours nightly squeezing
    a face full ‘o pimples he may have squeezed just a bit too
    much and started causing brain matter to ooze out…….

  • Martin

    Everyone please, stifle yourselves momentary and just read for yourselves what Kevin Jennings wrote and said. Warning; if you are normal you will need a barf bag close at hand. What is normal you may ask? Look out at the sea of Political Undulation, the sea has rushed out to fill the horrific rift Obama’s incompetent leadership, he is the living epitome of the “Peter Principle” theory in action. Nothing shows how much he is out of his league than his Administrative appointments. His choices are simply bizarre and the Nation knows it. From Jolly Janet Napolitano, of Homeland Security to his financial tax cheating appointments to this wonderful example for our kids Mr. Kevin Jennings of all things for School Safety. The big players have seen this kind of show before and understand exactly the magnitude of the coming political tsunami and they have already quietly excused themselves with extreme discretion and have headed for higher ground.

  • FakeName

    Martin, put down the pipe.

  • LukasP

    Briam Camenker seems more familiar and obsessed with anal beads, fisting and phallic females than just about every one I know. Now I know who to call with questions about those tasty topics!

    Brian’s tagline really should be “No CANKER sores yet , AMEN.” I bet half the people who read his diatribe had to look up those hard naughty words on the internets. Now, half of themare still searching for further clarification. Poor, lost sheep……..

    Martin, were you speaking point blank or tongue in cheek? OR did you choke on your tongue and go blank on the point? Somewhow, I got lost in the beautiful maze of metaphors. My own bad.

  • Jallon

    It’s great how these ultra-conservative types go around pretending that gays are both the source and perpetrators of all perversion. As though in all of humanity’s 5000-year history no straight guy has ever been caught up to the elbow in some woman’s ass.

  • ericka v.

    Kevin Jennings is an embarassment to the gay community and a stone ass pervert to many. Leaving Jennings where he is will draw so much fire from everywhere that it will be impossible to put out.

    Already on Big Hollywood and other media are articles from gay writers who are suggesting and demanding Jennings leave.

    As long as Jennings stays, his stupid perversions and pamphlets will be displayed everywhere.

    Defending Jennings is defending the indefensible.

    Jennings will be the poster child against same sex marriage for the near future.

    Read his crap, there is no doubt being gay is a choice after reading them.

  • Lukas P

    Hi, Erika! (#6)
    Interesting points you made but perhaps you were commenting on a different article than us??

    Who here is defending Mr. Jennings ? Instead of “leaving him where he is” what would you suggest “we” do with him and who would be a better replacement? Please define “stone ass pervert.” [do not include photos of my exes in that definition, please.]

    I hope that you know that members of the “gay community” don’t have a single, monolithic view on Kevin Jennings’ competence, background and qualifications. Nor is he much of a hot button yet.

    I look forward to your contributions.
    Lukas P.

  • Qjersey

    Have we not learned their strategy yet? …that they picked up from the Bush administration and Faux News?

    If you repeat a lie often enough, people will come to believe it.

  • james_cambridge

    Sad how Mass Resistance haven’t yet learned that they’re wayyyyy too conservative for my lovely little state. But it’s fun watching them flail about…clearly the complete indifference the State has towards them is driving them a little nutty and they’re becoming even more extreme. By the way, Martha’s Senate opponent Scott Brown, the family values Republican who of course posed nude, is following them over a cliff. Usually Republicans who run here are pretty Liberal but Scott’s not even trying; he’s running as a teabagger in Gay Ol’ Mass. It will be fun watching Martha turn him into a eunuch.

  • Same Crap

    “Already on Big Hollywood and other media are articles from gay writers who are suggesting and demanding Jennings leave.”

    For those who don’t know anything about the Big Hollywood blog, it’s a place where F to Z-list writers, actors, comedians, directors etc. get their Ann Coulter on.

  • Same Crap

    This is why the teabag movement is overreaching. They think they can run social con teabaggers in places like Mass and win. If you look at the Republicans who were successful there, you see people like Willam Weld, a moderate, and flip flop Mittens, who was a moderate then, but now is whatever will make is most popular.

    They are hopelessly deluded.

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