Lionsgate’s Gay Dude Has No Choice But To Be Better Than Lionsgate’s Boat Trip

Nicholas Braun, a young actor whose hapless, Cusackian, Say Anything-ish manner brightened Disney’s unseen-by-almost-everyone teen comedy Prom, has just been cast in a teen comedy from Lionsgate. It’s called Gay Dude.

Braun will play a high school student who makes a pact with his best friend that they’ll lose their respective virginities before graduation. Then the best friend reveals that he’s the gay dude of the film’s title. Sensitive, emotionally resonant, warmly intelligent explorations of teenage sexual awakenings Pooping, vomit and farts ensue.

Okay, yes, that’s speculation, obviously, and the truth is that there’s actually hope for this thing because Alan Yang, from the excellent Parks and Recreation, will write it. It’s just that the memory of the last big gay Lionsgate movie (see above) still gives off toxic fumes, makes our fillings hurt and spawns night terrors.