Lipstick Lesbian Take Over!


It’s the afternoon. Were we’re longing for a stroll, but as we’re slaves to the internet, we decided to do it digitally with a mosey on over to our friends at AfterEllen. While there, we came across this thoughtful, entertaining article by Kim Ficera.

In it, Ficera laments the replacement of tom-boy imagery by lipstick lesbians on television. She writes:

There are strong women, good role models for lesbians and future lesbians on TV now, but as Weeds’ Celia Hodes made clear to her daughter, the tomboy icon of yesterday is in danger of disappearing. The lesbian icon has arrived, and she looks more like a centerfold than a centerfielder.

While it’s fantastic to see gays and lesbians so predominately displayed, allowing young faglings the sexual education so powerful when coming, there’s are inadvertent results.

I wonder if in our efforts to provide them with accurate information about sex and sexuality we’re inadvertently depriving them of something even more valuable: wonder.

Loss of childish wonder over sex? No way! Kids – and even adults – will always wonder about sex. And if kids glean more than they did yesterday about tomorrow, then it means there will be more boundaries to push tomorrow.
This is a fantastic article. Read it.
“Don’t Quote Me: The Disappearance of the Tom-Boy” [After Ellen]