Lipsticking It To The Lesbian?

“MSNBC loves the chatter of liberal pundit Rachel Maddow, but not her look. Maddow, who’s getting her own show, is being subjected to a net work makeover. A source says an entire ‘glam squad’ has been hired for the openly gay Maddow, and she has been asked not to wear her Drew Carey-esque glasses again. There’s even talk of ‘putting her in a skirt.’” [NY Post]

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  • Bruce

    Please, please, please refuse the glam

  • L

    It’s tantamount to telling her to sit down, shut up, and be invisible. If we all act and look the same, we will have no identities. Just call me Drone #L15876

  • buffy

    Why would they do this? No one tells Ellen to wear a skirt.

  • The Milkman

    I think she’s great the way she is. If she wants support for her pants suits, then I’m sure Mrs. Clinton could make a few phone calls.

  • hells kitchen guy

    So she can look like a Vegas hooker like the news readers on Fox? One of the (many) reasons why I don’t watch the all-news channels is the anchorbabes – of both sexes.

  • todd

    Ok, she’s starting to look more and more uncomfortable. Soon, she will look like someone else and hate herself and the magic will disappear and they will wonder why a woman anchor didn’t work out.

  • Alan down in Florida

    She sits behind a desk – how can you tell if she’s wearing a skirt or pants or even if she’s bare-assed. Rachel is perfect just the way she is. If she had a gay twin brother I’d ask him out.

  • IDNY

    this doesn’t sit well with me.
    and probably not Maddow either.

    corporate America is so disgusting. why aren’t they just concerned with her putting out a good news show?

    As far as lesbians go her fashion sense isn’t THAT bad, right?

    and I thought Katie Couric was considered a failure on CBS news because she WAS to womanly/soft???

    Story as old as time kids. Greedy men in suits ruin everything trying to sell even MORE of it.

  • jack jett

    OMG….like trying to put Ellen in a dress for the Emmy’s.

    Maddow is a very attractive woman. She is already glam in her own way.

    She shouldn’t let them make her look like one of those FOX News Whores.

  • Nick

    Well, since I can’t stand her, I find it funny. They should give her the full Greta Van Susteren treatment. When she moved to Fox, she left her face at CNN.

    I do see why people would feel negatively about this, but again, because of her association with Obergasbag, I could care less. They could put her in Brad Pitt’s bod, and I still wouldn’t watch her.

  • nikko

    Why do you hate her and Keith, Nick?


    ugh i cant stand bull dykes

  • Kari b

    Have you seen Greta Van Susteren? The Glamazon makeover didn’t stick.
    If she’s been a pundit for years why “glam her up” I thought it was content that matters. Look at Larry King

  • Emily

    To poster at 12:37 – How is Maddow a “bull dyke” and why on earth do you claim to hate “them” anyway? That’s one of the more ridiculous things I’ve read in awhile, and I was just browsing Youtube comments.

    As someone with a similar style aesthetic to Maddow, this news is especially troubling. I’m so tired of women in media being made and/or pressured to looking like friggen Barbie dolls. Is there the same kind of pressure on their male co-workers? I doubt it very much. This is absolutely moronic.

  • David

    It was in the Page Six column of the NYPost — who knows how much truth there is to it? Rachel is fabulous just as she is. Can’t wait to watch her show next week — and to meet her gay twin brother (you’ll have to fight me for him, FLAlan #7!).

  • David Voegtle

    Remember that Page Six is the portion of the NY Post currently engaged in a teeny-tiny media crusade against MSNBC and Keith Olbermann. The Post is Murdoch-owned, and not exactly happy with the crew at the Peacock cable network. Take these reports with a *big* grain of salt.

  • Gargoyle

    Rachel is openly gay so that’s why a few here called her a dyke. As for the Bull part of it, I think that means that when she’s with another dyke, she’s the dominant one. Anyway, the makeover is senseless and has nothing to do with content. I wouldn’t exactly say she looks fabulous, but I would say she looks a bit like Tony Danza.

  • Frenchy

    Maddow, you rock and you look great as you are. It is so refreshing to turn on the proverbial boob tube and actually find that smart people have taken over some of the air time. I respect you for being able to have a difference of opinion without being mean or indignant. Rather you have a sense of humor and a gentle way of pointing out the absurdity of some people’s views in the world. Keep up the good work. More power to you. Pilar

  • Arthur Cunter

    Greta wire is without a closet lesbian. How do I know? I opened the closet!

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