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Lisa Miller Bails on Jan. 1 Deadline to Turn Over Daughter to Ex-Partner


Lisa Miller, the (former) lesbian and evangelical Christian who was ordered by a court to turn over 7-year-old daughter Isabella to her former partner Janet Jenkins, has officially defied a judge’s order — missing yesterday’s deadline to exchange custody. Miller (pictured, right) did not arrive at Jenkins’ (left) home yesterday, prompting Jenkins to call the police, which are investigating. Lisa and Isabella’s whereabouts have been unknown for weeks. It looks like this is no longer a case of child custody, but of kidnapping.

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  • scott ny'er

    ahhh. Christian beliefs. Nice to see how it only comes into play when they want it to.

  • terrwill

    Hmmm, What happend to all the concern for “the Children” that these frightwing lunatics are always braying about??? Lets pretend we are in their world. Lisa Miller is now an “Ex-Gay” so therefore in their warped twisted world she is straight. And we all know that straight people would NEVER do anything to harm a child (only the Gays do that). So why then have you ripped a 7 year old away from her Mother, her Grandparents, her friends and schools to subject her to a life of paranoia, living in some hidden hell hole where she is certainly not allowed to see the light of day????

    This cunt and all who have harbored her need to be prosecuted to the max. Kidnapping, unlawful flight, interstate transportation of a minor are just a start of the charges she should face. All those who have assisted in this debacle need be prosecuted for aiding and abetting a felon in the commission of a crime. All felonies which should earn these scumbags substantial prison terms……….

  • FakeName

    The police, WHO are investigating. Take 30 seconds and learn about pronouns instead of coming off like drooling illiterates.

  • terrwill

    No. 4 · FakeName: ?

  • edgyguy1426

    @ No. 4 You just have to get used to it…..

  • hyhybt

    Should have seen this coming. I just hope it really is just a run-of-the mill, custody-losing-parent-kidnaps-her-own-child case; I wouldn’t be terribly surprised for it to wind up a murder-suicide instead.

  • terrwill

    No. 7 · hyhybt: For the cunt mother, I would encourage her to commit that act on herself, as long as she lets the kid be. However if it did have that outcome those hyprotical frightwing lunatics who encouraged her to kidnap her daughter and flee would have a lot of ‘splaing to do………………

  • Trilasker

    This is off subject, but did these two really know each other before having a child together? Surely, there must have been signs that Miller was uncomfortable with her lesbianism and Christian faith mixing.

  • alan brickman

    even though she is cured…should still have visit rights..too exteme for the child…so much hatred…

  • FakeName

    She isn’t “cured” because homosexuality is not a disease. She would have had visitation rights if she’d just followed the judge’s order. Hell, she would still have had custody if she’d followed the judge’s order. Her ex wasn’t seeking custody, but because this kidnapper decided to ignore the lawful orders of several judges, the final judge felt there was no option that would allow the ex access to the child other than the change of custody. I hope this bitch gets found and locked away for the rest of her life for the trauma she’s causing everyone involved.

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