LISTEN: Gaga Suffers From “Venus” Envy In Just Released New Song

Now we know why Lady Gaga has been performing in a shell bikini lately. In her just-released new song “Venus,” Gaga is wondering if she’s in love and is looking to have a word with the woman who popularized the costume, the Goddess of Love herself. The new single, co-written by Gaga, DJ White Shadow and Madeon, and produced by Gaga herself will be available on iTunes tomorrow. Gaga’s latest album ARTPOP (the all caps are hers, btw) drops November 11.

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  • Mauricio

    I like the vibe and the sound of this song. Venus reminds me off some old sounds. ARTPOP surely has a great variety of melodies :)

  • jimbryant

    So over Lady Gaga. She appeals to sleazy straight guys by using gay men as a cover. Flush this fake woman.

  • Rockery


    Exactly. She just stinks of insincerity, I have no idea why people don’t see it when Born This Way was supposed to be “our anthem” (which was a horrible song) but when the video came out it was her grinding on a man, and naked girls writhing..

    @Red Meat:

    I did not click on it, I know it’s going to be trash anyway. Billboard already called her out on loop streaming and false VEVO views, maybe she will be honest this time

  • whatisthis

    Love it, as expected. I wish she would release G.U.Y, for the snippet made me so excited for that song.

  • Greg Garavani

    @whatisthis: Ugh couldn’t agree more, I’m dying to hear it!

  • mattsy

    Why does she have a scorpion on her face? Is it to distract from her boring, crappy new songs? If so, its not working bitch.

  • nevereclipsed81

    I hate to say it but it sounds awful. I love Gaga but I have yet to hear a second good song off this album.. I thought Venus would have the pop appeal that the 80’s song had, it doesn’t. at all.

  • sfmd

    I don’t think her new music is progressive. It’s also not radio friendly so I feel this is going to be her least successful album in terms of sales.

  • MargaretJordan

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