LISTEN: Gay Penguins, Hot UPS Guys, Josh Duhamel And A Partridge In A Pear Tree

The boys are back together and partying it up in the studio in Washington, DC. (It got so crazy, Steve even pulled off his pants!) The episode is titled “What Can Brown Do For You” and trust us, after this, you’ll never look at your UPS man the same way again.

This week’s topics include:

  • A gay penguin update
  • GOProud and their outing of a Rick Perry staffer
  • Our newest Christmas movie selection might surprise you
  • Tales from the second half of Dale & Scott’s California adventure including run-ins with Jennifer Coolidge, Josh Duhamel, Fergie and Ricki Lake
  • The Swish Edition appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live!—well, sorta
  • We share what new music tracks are exciting the hosts right now
  • Lindsay Lohan is naked in Playboy
  • Nasty Pig heard a recent show and sent Steve a jockstrap
  • Breaking down Jonny McGovern’s new “Dickmatized” video
  • HRC’s new shopping app to better spend your money with LGBT-friendly companies
  • Abercrombie rolls our 40 shirtless dudes for their Singapore store opening (yum!)
  • Rosie hates on Letterman (or the other way around?)
  • Sony & Oprah (or America?) hate on Nate Berkus

It’s one packed episode, people, tied up with a pretty red bow just in time for the holidays.

If you don’t get it from iTunes, stream the latest episode here: 
BONUS: In case you missed it, here’s our mash-up of the Swish Edition and the national Black Sheep radio show, when Dale & Scott sat in with Andrew & Chad in L.A. last week. You can stream the recording of the LIVE broadcast any time you’d like. It’s an east-meets-west kinda party we think you’ll dig.

The Swish/Black Sheep mash-up show is here:

Scott Wallis is the co-host of the Queerty/GayCities-sponsored Swish Edition comedy & interview talk show. He wasn’t supposed to be wearing logo clothing at Jimmy Kimmel but isn’t sorry the show’s logo showed up on late night TV.


Images via Daniel Ogren, Warner Bros

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