Listen: Is Mariah Carey’s New Single “Triumphant”?

Oh, hey Mariah! This is your new song, huh?
“Triumphant (Get ‘Em),” is the lead single from Carey’s upcoming, as-yet-untitled album. It features guest vocals by Rick Ross and Meek Mill, but, we gotta be honest: It feels a little more like American Idol’s newest judge is actually guesting on her own song. The track is solid, but Carey doesn’t do much more than coo in the background and sing the chorus. All we’re really saying is, “More Mariah, please!”
There’s no video yet, but we figured you’d all wanna get up on this jam, like, pronto.

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  • Pazul

    God, embarrassingly bad. Mariah’s giant team will be hitting the drawing board again real soon since this is going to bomb. And more rapping about wealth and green lamborghinis – fuck you.


    the only triumph there is my ear canal making it to the end without recourse to a rusty screwdriver.

    on a gratuitously bitchy note: they have to be the thinnest meanest white girl lips ever… i hear the make up artist that does her lips also does kermit the frog.

  • dee-dee

    I like the chorus. But Ugh….NO! the song is completely overproduced.

    Didn’t Mariah get the hint when “We Belong Together” was a complete smash. People like her ballads & her less complicated songs.

  • Pascal

    “Carey doesn’t do much more than coo in the background and sing the chorus” Really?? Did you hear how she belts out
    towards the end of the song? This is a great song that grow on you after a couple of listens. Give it a chance. And, on a side note, Mariah is black. Prince of sharkness, get your facts right.

  • Adrian

    I don’t care for the rap version but I really like that PULSE Club Remix which you can hear on her site


    @Pascal: really!!! thanks for that startling revelation. hows she kept that quiet all these years:P
    fact is though, those kermit lips didn’t get there from africa we can blame whitey for that.

    And, on a side note, Mariah is mixed race. Pascal, get your facts right.

  • Pascal

    Historically, in this country, one drop of black blood makes you black. Now, “mixed raced,” “black,” whatever: race is a social construct, not a biological reality. Also, if we want to be precise, Mariah considers herself multiracial so @Prince of Snarkness, YOU get your facts straight. As for her lips, what are you, if 5th grade? Obviously she is happy with her lips. If she wasn’t she would buy a new pair.

    @ Adrian, yes, the Pulse remix sounds great. Everyone, head over to her website ( to listen to that and the Vintage Throwback remix. SHSGW- L4L.

  • Flop!

    This song sucks, like everything else she’s done the last several years. The song sounds dated and the rent-a-rapper sh1t is getting really old, especially at 42. Too bad she doesn’t have enough sense to go back to more of a pop sound when she had her best songs (Emotions, Someday, Fantasy, Always Be My Baby).

  • AS

    I was hoping that screeching harpy had left music for good.

  • Jason


    that’s music to my ears AS

    I can’t stand or listen to a thing she/she’s put out. Mariah’s to pop what Taylor Swift is to country

    All their music (rhythm, rifts, beats, voice) has the same similar backbone to it with no flex in the creativity department

  • Dionte

    No more rappers please Mariah.

  • Brian

    To all of the haters who are mad that Mariah has worked with rappers on this song, FU! It is an awesome song and I think it’s well done and easy on the ears. Mariah should not be forced into a box anymore than you guys lets safe sex ads force you to made healthy sex related decisions.

  • Brian

    @Brian: “make”

  • Get a life

    @Brian: I can’t take a fanboi seriously who says “haters” just because they don’t like something your precious Mariah put out.

  • me

    I actually really like this song.

    The original really grow on you. I gets better with each listen!

    And the remixes are amazing!!!

  • me

    I actually really like this song.

    The original really grow on you. It gets better with each listen!

    And the remixes are amazing!!!

  • Randall Reynolds

    I’ve always loved Mariah, but her sound has become stale… and it’s because of her need to collaborate with hip-hop all the time.


  • Tim

    I love Mariah, but this song sucks ass. One of my all time LEAST favorites by her.

  • Rockery

    I love Mariah, the original is OK but the Pulse Remix should be the released version or the vintage remix those really hit the mark

  • hamoboy

    @Randall Reynolds: You do realize she was one of the first singers to have a rapper guest on her song (Fantasy (Remix) with ODB)? Singing with rapping going on has been her thing since 1995.
    She’s considered largely responsible for popularizing Hip-hop music with more mainstream audiences.

  • tatyana

    Singing With rapping was going on way before 1995 actually. I just think shes trying to do something thats not really working for her. I mean, that song is terrible .. No way around that. I do agree that she should stop putting rappers in her songs. Yeahh it worked for some of her songs but it wont work for all of them.

  • 75739vb

    She made a huge mistake by releasing this version as the lead single. One of the remixes should have lead. The New Iberican League Club Mix is my treadmill jam.

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