LISTEN: Lady Gaga Raps On New Track, “Cake Like Lady Gaga”



Proving once and for all she’s absolutely nothing like Madonna, Lady Gaga has reportedly released a rap song. “American Life” “Cake Like Lady Gaga” has leaked onto the Interwebs, but Mother Monster hasn’t officially claimed it as her own yet. If it is her, she’s supposedly talk-rapping over a beat from “Born This Way” producer DJ White Shadow.

Public reaction is crazy strong in both directions:

“Cake Like Lady GaGa is the most obnoxious & disgusting white chick rap piece of shit I’ve ever heard in my entire life.” said one Facebook commenter. Meanwhile, a poster on SoundCloud said simply, “This bitch got SWAG!”

Is it “Rapper’s Delight?” No, but it’s kinda fun and we can see enjoying at 2am in the middle of the dance floor.

What say you, Little Monsters?