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  • Sean

    Who is the celebrity she outs?

    I don’t want to listen.

  • Johnson

    @Sean: Tyler Perry

  • Thomas Maguire

    Tyler Perry outed himself when he started making drag movies.

  • Lefty

    I’ve no idea who Tyler Perry is (I know of his films) nor what sort of person he is, but what gives her the fucking right to out anyone?

  • Little Kiwi

    Tyler Perry is a hypocritical closeted Homosexual who dresses in drag at any available opportunity, courts the “churchy” demographics with his pious and heavy-handed Christian Messages in his films, and donated money to Prop 8.

    so yeah. out the fucking coward.

    for real. I’ll *respect* someone’s self-serving cowardly choice to remain closeted, as long as they dont actively fight LGBT Equality as part of their disguise.

    Tyler Perry donated to Prop 8. sorry, fucker. you can’t harm us to hide yourself. shame on you.

  • youmustbejoking

    @Lefty: The First Amendment of the Constitution of The United States of America.

    That and common sense, a functional brain, and the ability to speak.

    Yes, she’s the first one to break Tyler Perry’s big secret. And she’s broken the law of never saying that someone is — gasp! — gay, because that’s the worst thing you can ever say of someone.

    And Tyler Perry is only a poor zillionaire entertainer, so how dare she talk about him! No entertainer ever wants to be talked about, that’s the entire reason they go into entertainment! Everybody knows that!

    On top of all this, you don’t even know who Tyler Perry is! Do they not have a television in your rest home? Or did you lose your rec room privileges?

    Honestly, where are you writing from — 1953?

  • Pitou

    @Little Kiwi: If thats true about Perry and PropH8.. then I agree. Mother Fucker is fair game.

    He’s probably a bottom too. Gross.

  • Jollysocks

    Little Kiwi — where’s the evidence that Tyler Perry donated to the Prop 8 campaign? I’ve never heard of that at all

  • Lefty

    “The First Amendment of the Constitution of The United States of America.”

    The First Amendment doesn’t give someone the right to stick their nose into someone else’s business.

    “That and common sense, a functional brain, and the ability to speak.”

    Not sure how common sense, a functional brain and the ability to speak gives someone the right to stick their nose into someone else’s business.

    “Yes, she’s the first one to break Tyler Perry’s big secret. And she’s broken the law of never saying that someone is — gasp! — gay, because that’s the worst thing you can ever say of someone.”

    No one said saying someone is gay is the worst thing ever, so not sure what you’re arguing against there.

    “And Tyler Perry is only a poor zillionaire entertainer, so how dare she talk about him! No entertainer ever wants to be talked about, that’s the entire reason they go into entertainment! Everybody knows that!”

    Not sure how the fact he’s rich or works as an entertainer gives anyone the right to stick their nose into his business.

    “On top of all this, you don’t even know who Tyler Perry is! Do they not have a television in your rest home? Or did you lose your rec room privileges?”

    His films look like a load of shit, to be honest. So I never bothered finding out about him…

    Do you want to have another try? :)

  • wtf

    @Lefty: stick their nose into his business? really? that’s your argument?


    Straight people are straight and out about being straight ALL THE TIME.

    People who want “privacy” are typically lgb, sometimes even t and want “privacy” because they’re afraid that the public will discriminate against them because of mindsets like yours that lgbt people should be ashamed and keep their orientation “to themselves”, “why do they have to flaunt it” etc.

    Your strawman argument is not only stupid, it’s OLD.

    And Tyler Perry is a closet queen on the HIGHEST order. Bitch needs to get real.

  • Lefty

    @wtf: “stick their nose into his business? really? that’s your argument?”

    My “argument” as you quaintly describe it is that people are intitled to privacy. None of what you’ve said negates the fact that this woman doesn’t have the right to out someone who – as far as I know – isn’t harming anyone (if what Little Kiwi says is true then that’s another matter).
    The idea that that only LGB – you forgot the “T” :) – people want privacy is absurd. Of course that isn’t the case.

    “People who want “privacy” are typically lgb, sometimes even t and want “privacy” because they’re afraid that the public will discriminate against them because of mindsets like yours that lgbt people should be ashamed and keep their orientation “to themselves”, “why do they have to flaunt it” etc.”

    The fact that you seem so sure of your argument – such as it is – is more than a little belied by the fact you seem to need to put words into my mouth or argue against things I haven’t said.
    Why don’t you try engaging with what I said – it was you, afterall, who challenged what I’d said – but you’ve subsequently failed to address what I actually said.
    This woman doesn’t have any right to out anyone – unless he’s actively propagating homophobia.

    Want to have another try? :)

  • Lefty

    Sorry, I see you included the T in LGBT. My mistake. :)

  • Little Kiwi

    I’m so sick of cowards defending their right to “privacy” – here’s the reality, wimps; you worry about, and demand “privacy” because of other cowards like you. you’re scared to Come Out because other cowards made the same self-serving cowardly choice. Closet Cases do nothing but make life harder for other Closet Cases.

    we’re in a culture where people are scared to Come Out, and give cowardly excuses about “their right to privacy” and the reality is that it’s the legions of wimps who make that cowardly choice that lead others to do the same thing – y’all are sitting their like wusses because none of you have the orbs to stand up to be counted.

    you’re all sitting there in the closet waiting for someone else to open the door for you, whereas real men and women do the right thing and open the door for others.

    rather than being a complete wimp and defending your “right” to be a closeted coward, realize that your cowardice is what’s keeping you closeted. stop defending your “right” to be a wimp and start working toward creating a culture where people won’t feel a need to make that cowardly self-serving choice.

    Help Out, Come Out.

    the added irony? wimps who complain and say “you can’t force me to Come Out!” are hypocrites. after all, they’re already allowing a bigoted society to “force” them to “Stay In”

    oh, and about Tyler Perry – he makes no bones about his Prop 8 donation. this is public information.

  • hf2hvit

    @Lefty: Fame is like a woman wearing scanty clothing…you don’t get to choose what parts people look at nor which people you want to look at you.

  • Spike


    Why is it a crime to “out” someone? People are only closeted because we allow it to be a shame to be out and gay. If people just came out and stopped acting like its shameful then there would be no problems. Is it a secret when someone is straight?

  • Little Kiwi

    everyone who makes the self-serving choice to be Closeted is the reason anti-gay prejudice still exists in our culture.

    your “choice” to make it a “private issue” is the reason anti-gay bigotry still exists. know that.

    btw, i’m officially rescinding my comment about Tyler Perry and his Prop 8 donation. there were numerous sources citing him as a prop 8 donor in 2008, and early 2009, none of which i can currently find online. i don’t like when people talk out of their asses and promote things they cannot back up, and so i’m taking back what i previously said until i can actually verify it.

    that said, Perry would do a world of Good if he’t put in some Pro-LGBT messages into Chrisschun-pandering films.

  • Lefty

    If someone wants their sexuality to be their business out of shame – and that’s an assumption, but let’s say that’s the reason – that shame or self-hatred is a product of what straight society has done to us – all of us has been through that process and there are many people who are out by choice who still live with the remnants of what that society has done to them and continues to do to us. By bullying these people out of the closet and saying “Look, everyone! The faggot is ashamed! Let’s drag him out and make a spectacle of him!!!” – not only are you perpetuating what straights have done to us but you’re doing fuck all for the movement, ’cause I don’t see a lot of good coming from shaming someone out of the closet.
    I’ve said on here many times that I don’t think there’s a single gay person who can honestly say it isn’t at the very least regrettable that someone can’t come out, but unless they’re actively harming other gays by perpetuating homophobia we have no stake in outing them.
    Now, that applies to us as gay people – having said that, of course we can all understand the emotion surrounding this issue – “I’ve come out and endured shit for it… why shouldn’t HE be out as well!?” – we can all understand that BUT there is no fucking excuse for a straight person to perpetuate that homophobia by dragging a gay person out of the closet. If this man isn’t actively homophobic and has done nothing to hurt any gay people then what this woman has done borders on homophobia. The bitch has got no right doing that to one of us. And even if he’s in the closet, he IS one of us whether you like it or not.
    If he’s actively homophobic or actively promotes homophobia then anyone who cares about gay rights is duty-bound to out him… if he isn’t then this is the very opposite of gay rights. It’s bullying a gay person who – like all of us – was bullied into the closet in the first place.

  • Little Kiwi

    sorry, i habe absolutely no respect for grown-ass adults who can’t be Out.

    i’ve been Out since i was a fucking TEENAGER. ME. and i’m just a lil’guy.

    grown-ass adults who give excuses to not be Out? fuck you. i’ve been carrying your damned burden on my shoulders since i was an adolescent.

  • Lefty

    @Little Kiwi: So bullying gay people out of the closet is right in order to stop homophobic bigots being homophobic?
    There’s a gaping flaw in your logic, there.
    Instead of throwing pathetic macho epithets around, why not have a quiet think about that?

  • Little Kiwi

    there’s no such thing as “bullying people out of the closet” as they’re already allowing themselves to be “bullied into the closet”

    know why they “can’t” Come Out? because of other people just like them who made the same selfish and cowardly “choice.”

    they make it “private” because other cowards like them made the same self-serving decision. they perpetuate the Closet Cycle. they are indeed the very reason it’s so “hard” for them to Come Out.

    newsflash – it was hard for all of us. i get it, though. some people are more courageous and selfless than others. i don’t Out people. never have, never will (unless it’s those who actively fight against us to save their own asses). But I do not respect adult closet cases. at all.

    i’ve been carrying their burden since before i could grow chest hair.

  • Lefty

    @Little Kiwi: Well, you have my genuine respect for being out since you were a teenager and that you’re just a lil’ guy. Honestly. But I still don’t understand what our stake is in forcing someone who isn’t actively homophobic out of the closet. I don’t see a single way in which that helps us – I can however list several ways in which it hinders us.
    All you’ve demonstrated is that you have a visceral anger towards people who aren’t as courageous as you – but if you can’t demonstrate how forcing them out helps us, then the anger is entirely misplaced. I would argue your anger is better directed towards those who’ve created a society where we’re forced to be courageous in the first place about something that straight people take entirely for granted: while straight teenagers your age were busy exploring their sexuality without a second’s thought, you had to gather the courage to say fuck you to the shit that’s thrown at us on a daily basis while we’re too young to even know what the fuck sexuality is – some don’t have your courage – but I can’t see a single reason why we should direct our anger at them, when we should be directing it all at the society that put us all into that position in the first place.

    We don’t have a stake in outing these people – it doesn’t benefit us – it only hinders us.
    Unless you can demonstrate how it does benefit us, my position remains the same – this straight woman is not helping gay people in anyway by doing this. She has no right to propagate the homophobia that she claims to fight against by bullying gay people out of the closet.

  • Little Kiwi

    and so we’re clear, i do NOT Out people. never have, never will. and for one reason and one reason only – Coming Out is an empowering moment. you claim your life as your own, you defy a prejudiced culture. i don’t want to rob anyone of that moment, even though the rational part of my brain knows if we Outed everyone we knew we’d have Equality within a year.

    the world is not going to disown 20 million sons and daughters. alas, because “coming out” ends up being a trickle, not a river, people DO get disowned – by families that mistakenly think that they’re “the only ones” with an LGBT member.

    I’ll Out the self-hating bigots in politics and religion who condemn us as part of their disguise, but i will never Out your average gay Joe. i understand the Closet. i don’t respect it, and i don’t accept it as an excuse for adults. but i *do* understand it.

    i do indeed have a visceral anger for grown-ass adults that give the same bullshit cowardly excuses that i gave at 16. they were bullshit excuses when i gave them at 16, and they’re bullshit excuses when others give them at 25, 35, 45, 55, etc.

    you’re missing something – the people i’m angry are indeed Gay Adults in the closet. they give excuses. not reasons.

    teens, children. they have reasons to be closeted. adults? just excuses. it’s not the fault of the anti-gay bigots that their hearts and minds have not been actively changed by the people in their lives who refuse to Come Out and challenge their bigotry – it’s the fault of the grown-ass gay adults who choose to keep hiding, and thus put that work and responsibility on the shoulders of OTHERS – all too often LGBT Youth

    that a grown man won’t Come Out and address bigotry, yet will sit back and wait for the same bigotry that hindered him to negatively affect the life of a child….inexcusable.

    now, im not letting the straight anti-gay bigots off the hook. not at all. they’re bigots and it’s ugly. but their bigotry is best challenged by the people in their own lives – by the adults they claim to know respect and love. those that choose to remain closeted shirk their responsibilities and pass that pressure on to the next generation.

    we have a responsibility as ADULTS to open the doors for the next generations – for LGBT Youth.

  • Lefty

    @Spike: “Why is it a crime to “out” someone?

    I would say it’s a crime that people are in a society where their sexuality causes them shame or self-hatred. I do not blame the victim for that.

    “People are only closeted because we allow it to be a shame to be out and gay.”

    No, it’s not our fault – any of us – that society is such that some of us still feel we can’t come out. That’s not our fault.

    “If people just came out and stopped acting like its shameful then there would be no problems.”

    If straight people stopped being homophobic then everything would be okay. If the culture and atmosphere we grew up in wasn’t homophobic then everything would be okay.
    Us coming out is absolutely central to that changing – I agree 100% and can’t see any argument against that, but to even say “stopped acting like it’s shameful” makes it sound easy and of course for many it isn’t easy – but that’s not their fault – the blame is on the society that put us all in this position in the first place, no?

    “Is it a secret when someone is straight?”

    No, of course not but there’s absolutely no equivalence between the culture and society that straight people are raised in and the atmosphere, culture and society that gay people grow up in. If straight people had to endure and fight against what we have to then the point would stand, but they don’t…

  • wtf

    @Lefty: Of course she has the RIGHT. Your argument is about manners, not rights. Sorry, you lose. The 1st amendment actually does cover this type of speech, in fact it’s typically called “telling the truth”.

    We’re talking about someone who CHOOSES to be in the public eye and then CHOOSES to lie about who he is.

    Frankly this whole issue was settled in the 90’s. Apparently you either don’t know your history or weren’t paying attention. For more information, see Michelangelo Signorile.

  • Johnson

    I don’t give a shit if she wants to speculate about Tyler Perry’s sexuality. In all honesty, it’s none of her business. What I object to his her atrocious use of the F-bomb. I can also say that I’ve seen some of her stand up and didn’t laugh once. For the most part, she’s irrelevant to me and it irks me that I’m even take the time to post on this.

  • Lefty

    Privacy is protected in the Constitution. If it wasn’t the police could search your house without a warrant. Apparently you either don’t know your history or you weren’t paying attention. :)

    You seem to be engaging in this in order to score some kind of victory. If that’s the case, I’ll gladly concede. If you genuinely care about the issues then I’d be happy to debate them with you.
    If it’s the latter I’d appreciate if you started by telling me how exactly we gain from forcing gay people out of the closet.
    Re Signorile: not only were the ’90s a different time I’m pretty sure he mainly outed those who were in some way actively complicit in the propagation of homophobia. Instead of sticking rigidly to 20 year old ideas, why not base your opinions and actions on the world we live in today and most of all on logic and clearly defined outcomes? And why not try seeing the context in which gay people become closeted in the first place? Because, to me, ignoring that context and placing the blame on the victim is in itself complicit in homophobia.

  • divkid

    little kiwi

    who could argue with your analysis of the effects of the closet… and any reasonable gay seeks the same ends as you.

    that said, i’ve seen the videos with you and you’re amazing supportive and accepting parents. a wonderful experience, the closest to which some will ever come would be in the magical haze of the crack pipe.

    so forgive me but i’d suggest, respectfully, that in some ways you had it easier than a lot of people coming out. and that being so, you are not the best person to pontificate: how can you empathise or even understand the plight of somebody raised in an extreme hostile home environment — whose effects don’t magically wear off once you hit 18.

    you suggest that all closet cases are cowards; it’s probably fair game apropos financially protected celebs with well-established careers — but for SOME people its REAL FEAR that keeps them closeted, not simply convenience (and these deep seated anxieties are not easily amenable to reason or the socio-political bully pulpit); for some there are still real consequences and danger to coming out. and avoiding danger is not cowardice. just rational.

    some individuals’ sense of self is already so beaten down that to demand of them a sense of self-worth, worthy of the courage to defend it while simultaneously attacking them as cowardly, wimpy , unmanly …seems, well, counter-productive.

    that some people from extremely homophobic environments do come out and risk everything is a fuckin’ miracle. and deserving of praise. but some make an enormous gamble; and some of them do lose their families or jobs or even lives in the process. unless you’ve faced similar jeopardy a little humility is in order.

    i lost my family. i don’t regret it. i’ve saved a fucking fortune on christmas presents. but not everyones as sociopathic as me; but even i can empathise with people who are still afraid to come out even in 2011.

    p.s. a little less of the masculinist tropes if possible
    — or do i have to beat yo’ lil’ faggot ass down ;P

  • HonestEye

    @Little Kiwi: There’s a big difference between choosing to nobly “come out” and being so obviously effeminate (as you were) that you just couldn’t hide from everybody in school knowing. Would you have “come out” if you’d been one of those where no one would guess? Either way, that’s probably the root of your hatred for “masculine” or “straight-appearing” gay men.

  • wingfield

    People shouldn’t HAVE to “come out”. Yea YOU may be out and proud but that doesnt mean you walk down the street wearing a shirt that says “I’M GAY”. For a celebrity it’s different it would be like wearing that aforementioned shirt and I for one think that if all celebrities omitted from answering questions about sexuality we wouldn’t be promoting people to be closeted but rather promoting the idea that sexuality isn’t such a big deal. That a gay man can be gay and live an amazing gay life without having to announce to the world that he/she is gay wouldn’t be such a bad thing in my life.

  • Little Kiwi

    i don’t have a hatred for “masculine” or “straight-appearing” men. at all. my boyfriend is pretty darn “prototypically-masc”.

    what i hate are cowards who choose to “pass for white”

    ten bucks says you, “HonestEye”, can’t post a link to your own page. big man hiding anonymously, eh? ;-)

    i love when people say “i had it easier” and then another says “you’re obviously effeminate”

    hehehee. you can’t have it both ways, wimps. so which was it? did i “have it easy” or was I “obviously effeminate”? Because unless you’re saying that kids growing up in the 80s and 90s who were “obviously effeminate” also “had it easy” then I’m not sure what point you think you’re making.

    it wasn’t easy being the “neighbourhood faggot” by age 7. it wasn’t easy being the one with the target on his back, every day, since before i even really knew who and what i was. i’ll say this though, i’m glad i went through what i went through. you build a thick skin and a remakable resilience. fully Out since my teens. how many of you cowards can say that, eh? if you’re such ‘real men’ why weren’t YOU Out? All the self-styled masculinity you think you possess and yet you didn’t have the orbs to say “Oh, yeah, and I’m gay”?


    i’m always amazed by people who say “i can’t come out, i live in a conservative place, i have conservative family”

    wow. you’re the first. not. people have been Coming Out for decades, in times far more dangerous, unforgiving and “conservative” than today. they still did it. stop giving excuses, adults. if you’re a grown-ass man, prove it by Living Out.

    but i gotta love the oh-so-boastful and empty comments from wusses like “HonestEye” – we get it, dude. daddy didn’t want a cocksucker. not my fault your dad’s a bigot ;-) think you can put a face and name to your comments? I doubt you have the orbs. maybe you should make a youtube vid or ten. think you’re man enough, or are you still a little boy living with one foot (and both balls) in the Closet? ;-)

    *elegant curtsy*

  • Little Kiwi

    “That a gay man can be gay and live an amazing gay life without having to announce to the world that he/she is gay wouldn’t be such a bad thing in my life.”

    We have to erase the negative cultural stigma attached to being gay before that can ever happen. You want to get to step 20 without taking steps 1 through 19. not gonna work, dude.

    you have be gay, Openly, Visibly, Vocally. Own it and claim it and embrace it – before it will ever become “no big deal.”

    it’s not abotu “announcing that you’re gay” it’s about being intellectually honest and addressing that people “don’t want people to know” because they’re still prejudice against LGBT people. you get rid of the prejudice by changing hearts and minds. you change hearts and minds by COMING OUT.

    you can’t skip steps 1-19. sorry. you’ve gotta make a big positive deal outta being gay before we can ever hope to live in an orientation-neutral culture. no way around that.

  • Bryan

    @LEFTY: Perry might not be actively homophobic in the sense of donating to anti-gay causes, but if you’ve ever had the misfortune of sitting through one of his movies, there were some scenes with some underlying homophobic context.

  • HonestEye

    @Little Kiwi: MY father would never be so ridiculous as to be proud nor ashamed of my sexuality. He’s proud or ashamed of my achievements or bad behaviors respectively. To be gay is neither good nor bad. What are you really except some silly thing, probably raised in a coddled upper middle class neighborhood, who spends his time making ridiculous insults on Queerty to try to get attention to your blog where you pretend, no doubt, to be some grandiose star.

  • HonestEye

    @Little Kiwi: But you love being the neighborhood faggot. That’s all you have! It’s no sacrifice for you. Aside from that, you have no identity and no attention.

  • HonestEye

    @Little Kiwi: I don’t have a blog, I have a real life. You showing yourself on your blog to try to get more attention doesn’t mean anything. You have nothing to lose. You’re not a doctor or lawyer are you? you don’t live in a dangerous homophobic black neighborhood like Crown Heights. In fact, you probably still live with your parents. You’re in no position trying to advise others with more intense complicated lives.

  • Little Kiwi

    and yet…here you are. commenting. sorry ry. :D

    prove me wrong. post something that proves yourself right.
    ten bucks says you can’t, and we both know why, sugar. ;-)

  • Little Kiwi

    the whole “you hate masc guys” thing is an hilarious deflection. we all know the truth is you hate whatever your dad deemed “non-masc” that’s why you join the bandwagon. you see in some guys everything you had to “not be” in order for your dad to tolerate you. you cut off your balls as a peace offering “don’t worry dad! i won’t make my being gay a big deal! we’ll pretend im not gay! i promise to not remind you! it’s just a small little non-defining part of me”

    your dad wasn’t disappointed that you suck cock, he was embarrassed that you were such an apologist wimp about it.

    go back to wisconsin :D lol

  • Wingfield

    @Little Kiwi: I still disagree. We live in a society where some people want others to wear bar codes. They want to be able to see you, scan you, and know everything about you in the first 10 seconds. When you watch a film it’s the actor’s job to be a blank canvas and become the character they are portraying. Knowing things about their personal lives can effect that. Just like I don’t need to know a celebrity’s religion or political point of view, I don’t think we need to know their sexuality. It’s great knowing their are successful openly gay people out there but to call someone a coward for not “coming out” is silly.

  • HonestEye

    @Little Kiwi: I have a Flickr page where I’m out to everybody on there, gay and straight. My boyfriend and I stay with my family in NJ regularly. I’m also, apparently, so “straight-appearing” that I’ve been told in gay bars “this is a gay bar, you know” when I first went in. I can’t help the way I am. I don’t hate the effeminate, but you hate the “straight-acting” types because they didn’t get “picked on” or whatever in whatever easy upper-middle-class suburb you were raised in.And I certainly won’t give you my flickr page because anyone constantly posting things like “your daddy hates you, you should hang yourself” (and your parents are proud of YOU?)is kooky enough to come in there and harass me and all my friends and contacts. your blog means nothing. It’s not a brave statement of yours, it’s a needy cry for attention.

  • Little Kiwi

    you’re missing the point, Wingfield – “gay” and “straight” are not treated as equals. you can’t get to a place in society where gay and straight are equal until we finally break down the negative stigmas and myths about being gay – we do this by coming out. you can disagree, but you’ll be wrong – we do not live in an Orientation Neutral society. we live in a society where one is “innocent until proven guilty” and “straight until proven gay.”

    WHY don’t people want to be seen and known as gay? Because there’s a negative stigma attached to being gay. We need to battle that. By Coming Out.

    it’s not “silly” to call a grown adult a coward for their refusal to stand up to be counted. it’s a statement of fact. whether one likes it or not.

    and HonestEye, you keep proving me right. keep it up ;-)
    kudos on your ability to “pass for white” – bet it makes you bigoted daddy so proud to have a son who passes for what he’s not. ;-) it’s ok. i understand your bitterness. if i had my family and life i’d be jealous of me too :D

    *elegant curtsy*

  • HonestEye

    @Wingfield: Right! Because Kiwi has nothing to lose at all. And everyone always knew he was anyway. Next he’ll be sitting in his parents’ safe house, on the internet, telling those in Africa to be “brave” like him and “come out.”

  • HonestEye

    @Little Kiwi: LOL. I certainly wouldn’t be proud ofyou if I was your father. I’d love you, but….not be proud. Unless you prove me wrong by telling me you achieved an MD or something.

  • Little Kiwi

    right. because those of us who were called out as “fags” by age 7 had it so easy ;-) Mhmmm

    oh well. at least we get over our shit at a young age. we take our lumps early, and hard. HonestEye, i get it. You can’t put a face and name to your comments. Typical wimp. no wonder your dad resents having to call you Son. But hey, prove me wrong. Link?


    i can put a face and name to my comments. you can’t. grow a pair :D

  • Little Kiwi

    HA. two university degrees by age 24. ;-) WERK!

    prove me wrong. post a link. how about a pic of you and your dad marching in the pride parade!


  • HonestEye

    @Little Kiwi: Yeah, right! And you still live at home?

  • Little Kiwi

    moved into my own place midway through senior year of highschool :D
    prove me wrong. link? yeah. didn’t think so. keep attempting to slander me. won’t make daddy love you :D

  • HonestEye

    @Little Kiwi: My father is secure enough that he doesn’t have to prove anything by marching in a parade. He doesn’t have to say, “I’m fine with it! See? See?!”

  • HonestEye

    @Little Kiwi: Bullshit. I don’t believe it. Then what do you do for a living?

  • Little Kiwi

    keep telling yourself that. link? ;-)

    actor and writer. werk!
    look, you can keep trying, honeybunny, your issues are obvious. we get it. but hey, whatever lies you need to tell yourself about me in order to feel better that you’re disappointment to your father are fine with me. if i had your life, i’d likely be bitter toward a guy like me, too. :-)
    for real. you can keep on sayign whatever you want. won’t change the fact that you’re a disappointment to him. and likely always will be. and the fact that you can’t back up your claims with, you know, ‘evidence’ only proves me right.

    good luck in life! i’m off to the film fest. :D

  • HonestEye

    @Little Kiwi: You still live at home!!!! At your age. ha ha !!! And you’re advising others on what to do with their lives?!

  • HonestEye

    @Little Kiwi: “I can’t “slander” you. That only applies to famous people, movie stars, politicians. You’re just another joe in an upper-class suburb.

  • Wingfield

    @HonestEye: This post is getting spammy and gross. I understand your point that you think everyone should just come out, but to disregard everything else and use the “I’m right, you’re wrong” method doesn’t help your case. My point is that just like i don’t think people need to go around telling the world they’re straight, I think the same of being gay. YOU CAN HAVE A PRIVATE LIFE and not openly talk about your sexuality or religion without being a coward. Just because you want to live a certain way doesn’t mean others should have to.

  • Wingfield

    actually meant to be @Little Kiwi not Honest eye

  • HonestEye

    @Wingfield: I think you really meant that directed at the Kiwi character. Anyway, kiwi certainly has a right to an opinion (just as everybody in this country is allowed to vote) but he needs to be smacked-down a bit to remind him that he’s no great sage about life, especially with the relatively coddled life he’s had (nobody in white suburbia gives a f–k who’s gay anymore) , and that not all of us have this need for attention that we have to have a blog about ourselves with a million “look at me!” pics.

  • Wingfield

    @HonestEye: agreed

  • Little Kiwi

    p.s. you can have a private life and still be openly gay. that you think you can’t speak volumes.

    as evidenced by the fact that the entire “Straight Community” manages to be openly-straight while maintaining “private lives”

    stop making excuses for your cowardice. but he, keep on attempting to throw insults at me. wont’ make your sad-ass life better :D

  • ewe

    Today is September 10, 2011. Does anyone know whether or not the Bummer has evolved yet?

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