LISTEN: Maggie Gallagher Would Bake A Wedding Cake For You, If A Priest Said It Was Not A Sin

maggie-gallagherFor a woman who has made her (well-paid) living out of fighting marriage equality, Maggie Gallagher has come out with an amazing admission. In the bakery wars over wedding cakes for same-sex couples, Maggie is siding with [gasp] the couples. Speaking at the Society of Catholic Social Scientists conference, Gallagher turned to the Oregon bakery that closed after refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

“I think i could probably figure out a way that it was okay for me personally to bake a cake for a gay wedding,” Gallagher admitted. However, to emphasize the theological magnitude of the decision, she added that “I’d have to consult with some priests.”

Just to show that Gallagher isn’t going all lavender in her dotage, she defended the baker in question, portraying her as the victim of revenge-seeking lesbians. “She was perfectly willing to serve on a warm and friendly basis all people gay or straight,” Gallagher insists, although refusing to supply a wedding cake to long-stand customers provides new definition to “warm and friendly.”

As for the wedding cake: if it’s anything like Maggie’s hair style, we’ll pass.

Listen to the segment in question:

[H/t: Good as You]