LISTEN: Maggie Gallagher Would Bake A Wedding Cake For You, If A Priest Said It Was Not A Sin

maggie-gallagherFor a woman who has made her (well-paid) living out of fighting marriage equality, Maggie Gallagher has come out with an amazing admission. In the bakery wars over wedding cakes for same-sex couples, Maggie is siding with [gasp] the couples. Speaking at the Society of Catholic Social Scientists conference, Gallagher turned to the Oregon bakery that closed after refusing to bake a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

“I think i could probably figure out a way that it was okay for me personally to bake a cake for a gay wedding,” Gallagher admitted. However, to emphasize the theological magnitude of the decision, she added that “I’d have to consult with some priests.”

Just to show that Gallagher isn’t going all lavender in her dotage, she defended the baker in question, portraying her as the victim of revenge-seeking lesbians. “She was perfectly willing to serve on a warm and friendly basis all people gay or straight,” Gallagher insists, although refusing to supply a wedding cake to long-stand customers provides new definition to “warm and friendly.”

As for the wedding cake: if it’s anything like Maggie’s hair style, we’ll pass.

Listen to the segment in question:

[H/t: Good as You]

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  • hotshot70

    why would this fugly pig’s opinions matter to anyone?

  • sanfranca1

    She looks like she eats a wedding cake every day.

  • marc sfe

    So Maggie, when you finally got married, as an unwed mother, did the bakery have to consult with a priest since you obviously WEREN’T a virgin?? What a bitch.

  • greybat

    “Melissa”‘s name was actually Aaron.
    And it wasn’t the “Revenge-Seeking” Lesbians who shut him down, the Labor and Industries Board made him pay a fine.
    So now he’s running the business out of his home, to keep the Gays away.

  • hyhybt

    Somebody send her some Episcopal priests!

  • Pistolo

    It’s interesting some of these people who’ve made whole careers out of trying to discriminate against gay people claim to be so in touch with generosity, morality, and love yet if she spent all this time innovating something truly altruistic they might have actually made a real difference in the world.


    She has no argument with cake

  • AuntieChrist

    @Pistolo: Best comment EVER…

  • greybat


  • 2eo

    She didn’t just fall off the ugly tree, she’s being in an abusive relationship with it ever since.

  • Cam

    Why would the headline attempt to pretend that Gallagher was in any way softening her stance. She quite clearly defended the baker from “Revenge Seeking Lesbians”.

    Oh and Maggie, once more time, why does a woman who advocates traditional marriage not wear a ring, doesn’t go with her husbands last name, and is never ever seen in public with her husband.

    Still haven’t given us an answer to those have you?

  • sailor374

    Would she refuse to make a cake for a straight couple if one of them was a divorcee? Seems like that would be a sin since the church doesn’t recognize divorce. Divorcee’s aren’t supposed to take communion and if they do, it is a sin.Like all church policies they cherry pick,that which they like and ignore the ones they don’t like reinforcing their hypocricy.

  • Spike

    Well its a good think she bakes given her husband has to role her in flour before having sex, just so he can find the wet spot,

  • Kieran

    Why give this cow the attention she craves? She’s irrelevant.

  • blackhook

    That bizarre, misshapen, lumpy face proves only one thing …she is AN ALIEN! …and an ignorant one at that.

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