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LISTEN: Real World Castmate So Sick Of Bi-Phobia He Can Barely Hook Up With Tons Of Random Dudes

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Episode 79: Puerto Rican Pool Boy



On this episode, The Six Pack interviews Frank Sweeney from The Real World: San Diego, who opens up about what it’s like to be openly bi in 2011. “It’s funny that it’s still it’s a hot topic, even to this day,” Sweeney (at right, in headband) tells hosts Dave Rubin and Ben Harvey. “I think in the gay community it’s kind of looked down upon to say you’re bi because people think it’s a transitional thing or you’re lying to yourself… I did hook up with a lot of guys. Call it a transition, call it whatever you want, but right now I’m not going to force myself into any hole right now.”

We’re sure there are many holes Sweeney would be more than welcome in.


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