LISTEN: Rush Limbaugh Doesn’t Want Your Sexual Orientation Rammed Down His Throat

If you need another reason to be grateful to Jason Collins, here’s one. He’s got Rush Limbaugh all worked up about over-sharing, being called a bigot for his lack of “tolerance” and objecting to President Obama’s public show of support for the newly out pro athlete.

“If you wanna say you’re gay, fine, but does it have to be rammed down everyone’s throats all the time?” he complained on his talk  show.

And in case you need a reminder, don’t plan to see Mr. Big Mouth at any pride festivities this summer.

“I grew up in a family… where people’s sexual orientation, preferences, whatever – weren’t even discussed,” he added. “Why can’t everyone just put your sexual preferences on Facebook and call it a day?”

Limbaugh also complained how anyone who doesn’t openly support Collins is labeled a “bigot,” “racist,” “extremist” or “homophobe.”

“There is no tolerance at all here,” Limbaugh claimed. “Not only do these people have to publicly announce it, everyone else has to applaud and accept it.”