LISTEN: Rush Limbaugh Doesn’t Want Your Sexual Orientation Rammed Down His Throat

If you need another reason to be grateful to Jason Collins, here’s one. He’s got Rush Limbaugh all worked up about over-sharing, being called a bigot for his lack of “tolerance” and objecting to President Obama’s public show of support for the newly out pro athlete.

“If you wanna say you’re gay, fine, but does it have to be rammed down everyone’s throats all the time?” he complained on his talk  show.

And in case you need a reminder, don’t plan to see Mr. Big Mouth at any pride festivities this summer.

“I grew up in a family… where people’s sexual orientation, preferences, whatever – weren’t even discussed,” he added. “Why can’t everyone just put your sexual preferences on Facebook and call it a day?”

Limbaugh also complained how anyone who doesn’t openly support Collins is labeled a “bigot,” “racist,” “extremist” or “homophobe.”

“There is no tolerance at all here,” Limbaugh claimed. “Not only do these people have to publicly announce it, everyone else has to applaud and accept it.”

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  • ZeeZee

    Oh, come on, Rush. And I grew up in a family… where people’s sexual orientation, preferences, whatever – were discussed. So I’m asking, why can’t everyone just feel free with their sexual preferences on Facebook (Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube…) and call it a day?

    If it’s your family against my family, then you don’t have a case.

  • Harley

    Well, I don’t want his big mouth, OxyContin addict conservative tea party bullshit shoved down my throat either so he can go fu€k!ng shut up, asshole. Sure, intolerance CAN go both ways and now, how does it feel. When they give tolerance, they receive tolerance. One must fight intolerance WITH intolerance sometimes.

  • viveutvivas

    Onsome level I agree with some of what he says.

    The media, president, etc., are all making a big circus over people coming out when, if we believe we should be treated equally, someone saying he likes men should be a big yawn, it should be UNREMARKABLE. Also, it pisses me off that those who fit the “brand” of what a certain minority in the community wants to project are getting special treatment from everyone from the president on down. If you are a jock or in the military, expect a big huge media party celebrating you and pushing you down everybody’s throat. If you are a sissy member of Occupy or a war protester, or maybe a person who gets killed in a hate crime and not white middle class like Matthew Shepard, you don’t fit the brand, not even the gay organizations will touch you.

  • the other Greg

    It’s just such an odd expression for anti-gay guys to use so-o-o-o often… “ram down your throat.” Fantasy, ya think?

    And when Rush says it regarding a 7 foot tall black man, well, um…

  • MK Ultra

    Well that’s too bad.
    He and his fellow hate mongerers have been shoving their right wing garbage down our throats for decades.
    Turnabout is fair play, so choke on it Limbaugh.

  • GreatGatsby2011

    “I grew up in a family… where people’s sexual orientation, preferences, whatever – weren’t even discussed.”

    REALLY, Mr. Limbaugh??? Your parents never asked to meet your girlfriend before letting you go out alone together? Your parents never walked down memory lane telling the same old story about how they first met that made you roll your eyes every time they told it? Your brother David never approached you seeking advice about how to ask out a girl he liked?

    Either you’re completely bullshitting your audience, Mr. Limbaugh, or you had one sad childhood completely devoid of love in any form. Though, considering what a miserable adult you’ve grown into, I can’t rule out the latter entirely.

  • Caliban

    It’s not surprising that Rush Limbaugh is uncomfortable discussing private sexual interests considering he was caught with illegally obtained V*iagra for a trip to the Dominican Republic, a known “sex tourism” site for pedophiles. I don’t *know* that’s what he was up to but the location and the drugs are certainly… suggestive.

    On top that he is, as usual, full of shit. The subtext to every family wedding is “those two are going to fuck tonight.” Whenever a baby is due you know the parents screwed. Whenever you mention a spouse or someone you’re dating you’re indirectly talking about sex. The problem isn’t that gay people make such a big deal out of it but that, especially when someone is an entertainer, politician, or athlete, straight people make a big deal out of it.

  • Charles175

    Rush has aligned himself with Fundamentalist based organizations. Irrelevant of his actual deeply held beliefs, he knows he is in the BIG business of dividing the people with his big mouth and unbelievably huge ego. It’s called ratings=money. On a rare occasion he has admitted to this fact in private. His phrase “ram it down your throat” is a direct quote from at least one major Fundamentalist organization, though I forget which. While everyone else is pretty much yawning “Ok he’s gay so what?” (actually a good thing believe it or not) the Fundamentalists and those that follow them are still screaming and kicking all the way to their becoming less and less important to the rest of society. Sadly though Fundamentalists bring BY FAR the greatest black eye to those that actually are Christian. But then again it must be remembered that it was Fundamentalists that set Jesus up to be crucified. In this we all need to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water.

  • viveutvivas

    I just feel a little tired of having jocks and military gays rammed down my throat too. These are the same jocks who thought they were better and ignored most of us in school (or worse) and who will still ignore most of us in a gay bar (or worse).

  • Teleny

    I wish I could ask Rush if he was really arrested near the old Holiday cruising back in the 1970s when he went by the name of KQV top 40 DJ Jeff Christy. Might explain why he doesn’t like to discuss sexual orientation or can’t stay married to a woman. The Dominican Republic has a lot of pretty boys I hear. :)

  • Teleny

    Holiday Gay bar in Pittsburgh…

  • Eiswirth

    Gee, we’ve had to listen to/observe/celebrate heterosexual alliances for thousands of years while keeping silent about our own orientation, but that’s alright with this bigot.So he’s uncomfortable, is he? Take some more meds and don’t call us in the morning, Rush.

  • Dwight

    He sure doesn’t mind talking about sex when it’s Sandra Fluke and he’s calling her a whore and demanding to see pictures.

  • D9W

    AND I don’t want to know about his drug habits either.
    But we get to hear about it anyway.

  • D9W

    I guess the better way of saying it would be: We don’t want to hear about Rush’s ramming his blue pills down his throat either.

  • avesraggiana


    Loved the second paragraph! I’m going to copy it and paste it onto my phone, and whip it out and read it, the next time a co-worker uses a sentence along the lines of, “Why does this gay stuff have to be shoved down our throats?!”. I’m tired of straight people being utterly oblivious to their own heterosexuality.

  • MisterMan

    There is only one thing I would want to shove down Rush’s throat — my fist.

  • EverybodySayLove

    He may not want sexual orientation rammed down his throat, but there were several times in the past where he’s been heard saying how he “bends at the knees and grabs ankles”. Any way you slice it, guy’s a closet case.

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