LISTEN: Signorile Tears Apart NC Sen. James Forrester For His Ignorant Marriage Equality Ban

Remember North Carolina Senator James Forrester? He’s the lead sponsor of the state’s 2012 ballot amendment banning same-sex marriage and a medical doctor who has repeatedly said that on average gays die at least 20 years earlier than everyone else—y’know because of AIDS and Hepatitis C and stuff.

Michael Signorile had Senator Forrester on his show yesterday… and if you like hearing ignorant, old bigots have their logic ripped limb from limb, prepare your eardrums for this sweet bit of aural candy!

Forrester got this “gays dies young” bit of misinformation from the Center for Disease Control… no, wait—they’ve never said anything like that. OK, so he got it from Frank Turek, the National Organization for Marriage’s poster boy who has compared gays to animals who eat their young and to “radical Muslims who… hate Western civilization, Judeo-Christian natural law values… our Constitution and particularly our Declaration of Independence.”

Did we mention that Dr. Turek is not a medical doctor either? Dr. Forrester knew that, but it didn’t stop him from quoting Turek’s little “factoid” as medical truth.

Signorile nailed Forrester for this lie during his radio show yesterday and expressed astonishment that Dr. Forrester doesn’t know that AIDS kills far more heterosexuals than it does homosexuals worldwide. Later, when Signorile asks Forrester how gays harm marriage and why he hasn’t proposed a divorce ban if his goal is to save marriage, Forrester couldn’t answer any of those questions either. Forrester later said, “I think I’m going to end this conversation right now because I see you’re completely negative, on the other side, trying to set me up.”

As Stephen Colbert once said, “Reality has a well-known liberal bias.”

Keep earning that LGBT Hall of Fame award, Signorile.

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  • Little Kiwi

    of course. to Conservatives, having to explain themselves with logic, reason, facts and intellectual rationale is considered “a set up”…..which is actually true, as these conservatives cling to beliefs that can only exist if one chooses to ignore factual realities.

    anythign that can’t be answered with a meaningless amorphous sound-bite is “biased liberal Gotcha! journalism”

  • Jim Hlavac

    Forester is not a “conservative” — he’s a fundamentalist. Just like Democrat Ruben Diaz isn’t a “liberal” — he’s a fundamentalist. There is nothing in “conservatism” that requires delusion; such as the very “conservative” Barry Goldwater who said “you don’t have to like it, but gays deserve full constitutional rights including marriage and military service.” Mr. Conservative, as he was called, said it while our “liberal friend” Bill Clinton was signing DADT and DOMA into law in the dead of night; against all fact and reason. And there’s a current “Liberal” in the White House who is avoiding logic, reason, facts and intellectual rationales while “evolving” on this very matter. How does one evolve towards logic? Wouldn’t one just start there right away?

    And it would seem that both “liberal” and “conservative” politicians have gravitated to the meaningless amorphous soundbite, and can’t answer a damn thing.

  • Little Kiwi

    I wouldn’t consider President Obama a Liberal, nor President Clinton. They’re both less-liberal than Canada’s Conservative Party.

    They only seem like Liberals compared to the ultra-conservatives down here.

    i’m not talking about political affiliations – i’m talking about social stances. ruben diaz is a social conservative.

  • Chad

    Yeah straight people also get AIDS and hepatitis. The CDC does not reflect everyone in the gay community. How can they say a certain percentage of gays..blah blah blah, when we have no idea how many gay people there are.

  • Robert in NYC

    Clinton had NO choice but to sign DADT into law. His original position was to end the ban on gays serving openly. The republicans on the other hand, threatened to filibuster it so he had to reach a compromise to get anything passed. I love the way gay republicans rewrite history to justify bashing Clinton and others on this issue. Remember, this was the early 90s. Watch “The Strange Case of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”, on HBO and learn something. Let’s not forget it was repealed under a Democratic administration and only eight republicans supported passage compared to the number of democrats who almost all supported repeal.

    DOMA in and of itself doesn’t actually ban same-sex marriage, it merely defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman. It does not mandate a ban in all states either.

    Little Kiwi, and the conservatives in the UK are more like US Democrats.

  • Riker

    @Robert in NYC: Of course he had a choice. He could have vetoed it, and let the bigots try to override (hint: they didn’t have the votes).

  • CBRad

    Like anybody in dopey N.C. cares what an even bigger dope in NYC thinks.

  • ewe

    @CBRad: oh please. Forrester = lying propaganda. Signorile = truth teller.

  • CBRad

    @ewe: Maybe so, but still…what does a dope in NC care about the equally dopey Signorile? Signorile only knows where NC is because his fat moll Pam Spaulding lives there.

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