LISTEN: Turkey Time with House Diva Inaya Day & Sherry Vine’s New Here-Tv Show

How did it get to be Thanksgiving time already? Time sure flies when you’re making gay comedy magic!

First up, the boys break down last Sunday night’s American Music Awards; they discuss Tori Spelling’s boobs on Twitter; marvel at Arnold Schwartzeneggar’s hot son Patrick; Steve and Scott tell ya how their personal trainers are trying to KILL them; and, they tell you why Lady Gaga is being honored at next month’s Trevor Live event.

Then, Dale, Scott & Steve welcome INAYA DAY to the show. She’s a world-renown, chart topping dance and house singer/songwriter who also dabbles in funk, R&B, gospel, musical theater and jazz.

Besides her own dance floor mainstays like Nasty Girl and Keep Pushin’, this lady pens tunes for countless others, she’s started her own record company, and she’s in two very active funk bands. She lives and breathes all kinds of great music, and it shows. You’ll dig our extended chat with this very friendly first lady of the dance floor.

And we’ve got her new song, Chase Me.

But after that, we have another queen for you! That’s right, our favorite NYC drag superstar is back and with the boys LIVE in the new studio. SHERRY VINE spills the beans on her new television variety show for HERE-TV called “She’s Living For This”–we can’t wait for it to debut in February–and behind the scenes secrets about how she writes her hits and what her parents think when they accidentally Google her! Funny stuff.

We finish up with Sherry’s latest, We Found Sperm.

Of course the boys also continue their Christmas and Atlantis Cruise countdowns; Dale shares with you his favorite holiday movie; and, back to Gaga again to discuss her very out-of-the-box Thanksgiving special.

If you don’t get it from iTunes…you can listen right here: 
Scott Wallis is the co-host of the Queerty/GayCities-sponsored Swish Edition comedy & interview talk show. He’s occupying his turkey this week…and that’s about it.



Photos via Inaya Day & Sherry Vine

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