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Literally NOBODY is looking forward to the new Colton Underwood series

The trailer release for the new Netflix reality series Coming Out Colton has arrived and people on Twitter are NOT excited.

The new show, which many feel is a disaster in the making, debuts on December 3 and details the former The Bachelor star’s journey of coming out as gay and taking part in queer life for the first time.

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Critics have attacked the series in advance of its release, citing Underwood’s previous charges of stalking against Bachelor girlfriend, Cassie Randolph, as well as his alleged privilege for being white, wealthy, and handsome.

PageSix reports that Randolph has refused to be involved with the show and, in fact, finds the whole thing deeply troubling.

“Cassie really just wants to move past any drama having to do with Colton,” one source said. “She’s being roped back into all this Colton mess because of the Netflix show. There are a lot of bad memories associated with the end of their relationship and she wishes there was a way to completely separate herself from his narrative.”

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The source added, “At her core, Cassie supports Colton telling his story if that helps him and other people in the LGBTQIA+ community. The part that sucks is that there’s really no way for him to tell his story without mentioning their breakup.”

Honestly, we can’t say we blame her for feeling this way.

Meanwhile, over on Twitter, people have played far less coy…

“The fact that @netflix is still running this Colton Underwood series after he STALKED a woman (his ex) is beyond me,” said user @pattyswigs. “We need to be better. Giving stalkers and abusers is not something Netflix should be perpetuating. Do better.”

“I am very happy that Colton Underwood has felt safe to come out but him getting an entire show about it after stalking and harassing his ex girlfriend just makes me cringe so much,” added @grrrlcharlie.

“Colton Underwood getting a Netflix series further affirms that white men will never be held accountable for anything that they do,” said @202natt. “He stalked his ex and put her through hell. Now that he’s come out as an openly gay man they’re trying to glide past his bad behavior.”

hopefully this film noir follows colton underwood to jail for abusively stalking women,” joked @MisterPreda.

I can’t be the only one annoyed that out of EVERYONE, Netflix decides to give Colton Underwood a platform,” wrote @mels452. “Again, I’m happy he’s living his truth, but that doesn’t negate the fact that he stalked his ex.”

“I wonder what gay men think about THIS trailer and the show?” wrote Perez Hilton. “Will U watch? #ColtonUnderwood can and will get away with so much in the community because of #PrettyPrivilege.”

Spoiler alert to Perez: No, probably not.

Watch the trailer for Coming Out Colton below. Or don’t.


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