Lithuanian Leaders Bar “Gay” Bus

Some Lithuanian politicians going head-to-head with their peers in the European Union. For the second year in a row, Vilnius mayor Juozas Imbrasas and others have again come out against the Union’s pro-gay cavalcade:

The European Union’s “anti-discrimination road show” truck has been barred from parking on municipal land in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius by the city’s mayor.

Juozas Imbrasas, the mayor of Vilnius repeatedly refused permission for the tuck to set up shop on municipal land.

Andrius Kupčinskas, Mayor of Kaunas, has also banned the truck, saying that “homosexual festival may cause many negative emotions”.

Last year’s tour ended up skipping Lithuania all together. This year, Union organizers have arranged to park on private land, thus bypassing Imbrasas and Kupčinskas’ respective bans. The tensions again highlight the same-sex disparities among European Union member nations.