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This litigious Florida father is taking a school district to court because his son saw a Pride flag

A Florida school district, middle school, principal, and teacher are all staring down a lawsuit from a particularly litigious father over two (2) Pride flags in a computer lab.

CBS 12 reports that Dr. Francisc Deliu, formerly a New Zealand barrister, filed the suit against Emerald Cove Middle School due to their “expressly and/or implicitly advocating for homosexuality as an alternative way of life.”

In addition to the two apparently offensive rainbow flags, he alleges that “the teacher also used a search engine to find websites about homosexual lifestyles and proselytized to the students in class.” Exactly what “websites about homosexual lifestyles” or the “proselytizing” entail in this case is unclear from the report.

After a bit of back and forth between Deliu and the school, his son was apparently moved from the offending computer science class into an art class. Such a drastic, unthinkable measure was apparently the last straw for him.

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This is allegedly not Deliu’s first rodeo with this school; the report states that he had also complained about a “library book incident” wherein the school was “propagating homosexual ideology.”

It surely isn’t his first go-round with making big accusations, either. In 2017, the New Zealand Lawyers and Conveyancers Disciplinary Tribunal found him guilty of nine different charges including “misconduct”, “unprofessional conduct” and “conduct unbecoming a lawyer”.

The misconduct charges resulted from a series of allegations the barrister made against two high court judges of “discrimination and racism by the Judges towards both counsel and clients, and corruption in carrying out their duties.”

Deliu was fined a quarter of a million dollars and his law license was temporarily suspended.

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It seems he’s once again making some very big claims and attempting to swing around his legal background as a weapon against an entire school district for the horrible offense of having two rainbow pieces of cloth visible in one room.

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