Little Crack At SA Gay Pride

South African social conservatives aren’t big on the follow-through. After about 400 people made a stink last week about small town Knysna’s forthcoming gay pride parade, not one protester showed up. The gays, meanwhile, mostly followed the bum cover rule:

Event co-ordinator Juan Lerm had promised Mayor Eleanore Bouw-Spies that paraders would cover up.

There were lots of muscled torsos, but only one pair of cutout trousers (baring a rear set of tattooed cheeks) slipped the attentions of Pink Police marshals.

Local resident Lance Arundel, who previously marched as Archbishop of the Moon, came as Mr Bean this year. Modestly dressed in suit and tie, Arundel was enthroned on a sofa strapped to the roof of a Toyota, and waved to spectators while clutching steering wheel, mop and teddy bear.

Asked how he felt about being told to cover up he replied: “It’s the law now and I think it’s wholly appropriate.”

We seriously doubt New York queens would be so accommodating.