Little House for Big Women

We get a lot of flack for not being bubbly and pro-gay all the time. Most recently, we were called a “low-lives.” We assure you, we’re not low-lives, just low-brow. But, here’s some proof we’re not totally heartless bastards: a recent article in The New York Times brought a little tear to our eye.
In it, reporter Penelope Green sheds a little light on a bygone era when so-called sexual deviants such as ourselves didn’t have the space to shine. Instead, a group of cross-dressing men – and sometimes their girlfriends – found a safespace in Hunter, NY where they could escape the prying, judgemental eyes of mainstream society and be themselves.
The experiences of what is now known as “Casa Susanna” will eventually be making their way to the silver screen, thanks to screenwriter Robert Swope. Take a trip down memory lane and check out the article. Oh, and if you’re wondering which bit brought a tear to our little gay eye, it’s the last line. We won’t ruin it for you, but rest assured it rang true for us. See? We are human.
A Safe House for the Girl Within [The New York Times]

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