“Little Joe” Dallesandro On Inspiring The Hustler Character In Lou Reed’s “Walk On The Wild Side”

joe_dallesandro_the_smiths_album_cover_fleshI didn’t have any relationship with Lou back then. We hadn’t met during that time. We never talked. What happened was Lou wanted to have his own career and get away from the Velvets. Paul suggested he do a song about the people in the Factory and in his movies. So Lou watched Flesh. He saw some of the people at Max’s Kansas City too. He sat down and wrote ‘Walk on the Wild Side’ about us. But it was the character he wrote about. Not me.”


Actor/icon Joe Dallesandro in an interview with the L.A. Weekly in which he discusses the famous lyric “Little Joe never once gave it away/Everybody had to pay and pay” from Lou Reed’s classic “Walk on the Wild Side