Little Love On Display At Jamaican Love March Against Gays, Fornicators

Last week, we reported on Jamaica’s “Love March,” an all-day festival in Kingston devoted to purifying the sinful ways of the nation’s fornicators, pornographers and–Lord, help us–the homosexuals.

And though organizer asked participants not to engage in anti-gay rhetoric, the 100 or so people who showed up must not have gotten the memo: Anti-Gay Fact Check noted that many held signs reading “Keep The Buggery Law,” a signal to Prime Minister Portia Simpson-Miller, whose residence they marched in front of. (Simpson-Miller  has stated that she is considering revising the law to legalize consensual same-sex activity.)

“As the crowd passed behind the road of one of the nation’s pro-LGBT organisations the shouting continued. The crowd then began to pray against Obama and David Cameron who were out to “destroy the country.” They claimed secret meeting were being held in order to ‘desensitise’ Jamaicans and that the LGBT movement was out to persecute Christians as they claim had been done in other countries. Daniel claimed that the “minority won’t have their own way” and asked God to “keep us free from evil powers” in reference to the “evil homosexual agenda”. People in cars beside the march cheered on in agreement.”