Live-Blogging the Equality Summit


Queerty is your eyes and ears at the Equality Summit — happening now at the Los Angeles Convention Center. EQ is supposed to bring together the old and new generations of marriage equality advocates to look at what went wrong with the failed “No On 8” campaign — and to start planning the next battle for equal rights here in the Golden State. Editor Japhy Grant is Twitter from inside the house. Follow along with us below (via Twitter) all day.

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    • Ali

      Thanks for this & the twitter feed. I’m looking forward to seeing the video later & any more in depth updates.

      The more information comes out on this campaign, the more tragically badly directed it seems.

    • mattymatt

      The “event aggregator” idea was brought up time and time again at Equality Camp SF, and again this Wednesday at SuperGayDevHouse.

      The problem is: who’s going to run it? How do you keep nefarious users out? Is there an editor who collects the events, or do users submit their own? There are already sites like ActivelyOut that WANT to be this, but how do you actual spur users to adopt it?

    • Kid A

      It’s hard to tell from the photo; how many people in attendance?

    • lyssa

      They should change the damn name to “no, really, this time for sure, equality.” Or something to differentiate it from all the other flavors of gays rogering transfolks in the name of “equality.”

      As a transwoman, I have seen enough of gay fights for “equality” to be very afraid.

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