Liveblogging the Obamagasm

barack-obama-001QUEERTY EXCLUSIVE– We’re all metaphored out for terms to describe Barack Obama‘s Inauguration, which is currently happening in D.C. and in the hearts and minds of libtards everywhere. So, all Hail Barack Obama, your new King, who may or may not make the country a better place for gays and lesbians. Hyperbole aside, after eight-long years of George W. Bush, today’s an occasion for hope and the promise of a better country. Queerty’s Inauguration correspondent and gay rights activist Dave Valk is in D.C., giving you an on-the-ground, uncensored look at all the events, from Rick Warren, the scene on the Mall to tonight’s gay inaugural balls. Follow along with him — and the rest of Team Queerty — here or via Queerty’s Twitter feed and give us your reactions to 44’s apotheosis in the comments.

Watch a live feed of the inauguration:


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