C'mon you guys, why can't you admit you chose to be gay?

Live from Queerty’s Inbox

Think what you read in Queerty’s comments is interesting? After long last installing filters in our threads to weed out hate speech, we’ve concluded that perhaps our email deserves a similar flagging system. Here’s just a sampling of what it’s like to be a Queerty editor’s inbox:

Presented verbatim:

Why can’t you accept that gay marriage is not wanted by the majority of Americans? You try to force us to accept your filthy , sinful abomination and then when we don’t you don’t accept it peacefully. Insteadc you go around commiting hate crimes and beating up old people. Now the world sees what you really are and that Revelations is correct when it says that homosexuals will burn in hell. gays are not included in the Constitution so you have no rights other than those that a man or woman may have or a married couple meaning One Man and One Woman. People who tell the truth and admit that they chose the gay lifestyle say they did so because they had a messed up childhood. Now with all the violence that you are commiting we know for a fact that God never commited gays and that you are simply obeying the wishes of the devil. Admit that you were not born gay and that you chose your sinful lifestyle. Admit it and repent. If you can break away from the devil and do that then maybe you will be forgiven and you won’t be banished to hell. You have already lost and you will continue to lose because the gay lifestyle is not about love. Instead it is about perverted sex. Yes I am a Christian and I thank God that you will continue to lose.

We’ve withheld this fellow’s name to protect him from … himself.

[Photo via South Park]