Live Nude Puppets


What better way to celebrate Showgirls’s tenth anniversary than with sock puppets! The Harvey Finklestein Institute’s Sock Puppet Showgirls returns to New York City for the last two weeks in October. This might just be better than the camp classic movie.

We’re glad to hear the puppets are all very anatomically correct. Delicious cloth titties and booty abound. Elizabeth Berkley herself might just be jealous of the Nomi Malone puppet’s impressive acting ability.

We think using the sock Kyle MacLachlan wore to cover his privates while filming his nude scenes in the movie would have added a certain something more. And we would have gladly volunteered to stick our hands up that sock ourselves.

With Avenue Q filling the West Coast quotient
for raunchy puppets in Vegas, this show is worth TiVoing Desperate Housewives for. You know “it doesn’t suck.”

Get your tickets here, but remember to bring your own pasties.