Liverpool Bashers Broke A Drag Queen’s Jaw: Here’s Why That’s A Good Thing

While patrolling Liverpool’s gay district in Friday’s early morning hours, drag entertainer DJ Lady Shaun encountered a man who punched her in the face breaking her jaw. When she gained consciousness, she notified a police patrol who chased her assailant man but lost him mid-chase. Hers is the second recent bashing in Liverpool’s gay district; two men attacked a 21-year-old gay choreographer Calvin Fox (pictured) two weeks earlier leaving him with bruises and cuts on his face. But even though police has said the area has experience a “slight rise” in anti-gay attacks, Chief Inspector of Liverpool Police Louise Harrison said the rise comes from better reporting: “People are feeling more confident and comfortable reporting these incidents to the police, whereas before lots of these crimes were going unreported.” So while it won’t fix Shaun’s jaw, at least Liverpool’s LGBT residents have broken their silence about anti-queer violence.