Liz Cheney Doesn’t Believe In Discrimination, But Does Believe In Traditional Definition Of Marriage

Liz CheneyI don’t believe we ought to discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation. If people are in a same-sex relationship and they want their partner to be able to have health benefits or be designated as a beneficiary in your life insurance, there’s no reason we shouldn’t do that… I also don’t support amending the Constitution on this issue. I do believe it’s an issue that’s got to be left up to states. I do believe in the traditional definition of marriage.”


Wyoming Republican Senate candidate Liz Cheney, daughter of Dick and sister of Mary, attempting to clarify her position on same-sex marriage during an appearance on Fox News Sunday


H/t: HuffPo

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  • MikeE

    ahhh, “traditional” eh?

    so women should be the property of men?

    to be traded for goods, to be used as items of barter to guarantee economic agreements between men of power?

    that parents should have to pay a man a dowry to “take their daughter”, since a woman is such a financial imposition?

    or does she mean the “traditional” version where a man has as many wives and concubines as he pleases?

    or the one where man marry the women they rape?

    or their brothers’ widows?

    ahhh, Rethuglicans… no matter who they are it seems they are first and foremost idiots.

  • Degas

    So where does that leave Mary, her married, lesbian sister, with two children? Pesky problem for Aunt Liz to explain to her little nieces. How exactly does one explain that philosophy to beloved nieces and I hope a sister and sister in law? Gosh, I love you all and don’t think you should be discriminated against, but damn, I just don’t believe you should be afforded the institution that will give you those protections.

  • 2eo

    “I don’t believe in lynching, I just don’t support legal action being taken against the KKK” – Liz Cheney

  • Degas

    Traditional marriage has been changed for various reasons how many times? Marriage today, even in hetero couples is unrecognizable from what it was just decades ago. Just a pathetic attempt at turning the clock back to a time that never really was and a way to appeal to the extremists in the GOP.

  • kodi_kanuck

    I may not choose to marry a man, but my fellow LGBT individuals should have the right if they choose to. It works the same with Abortion, the choice of religion etc. Because I may not believe in something or act on something, does not mean I should control what other people believe.

  • MikeE

    So it turns out the dad is a Dick and one of the daughters is a c*nt?

  • aequalitasTN

    @kodi_kanuck: I could not agree more; the world would be a lot better off if everyone adopted this attitude and minded their own damned business.

  • tricky ricky

    her opinion is meaningless. gay marriage is a done deal. all she is doing is sucking up to that incredibly base base of the gop.

  • jwrappaport

    Any time a politician throws their family under the bus, I take great consolation in knowing how many strained, deeply sad holiday dinners they brought on themselves.

  • AnitaMann

    Why does anybody care what she believes? She’s one of the dumbest people I’ve ever encountered.

  • Sweet Boy

    Who gives a rat´s ass for what she may say about gay marriage…DOMA is over, over a dozen states have legalised same-sex marriage and the trend cannot be stopped.

    Her opinion is so irrelevant

  • Cam

    And let me guess. She ALSO, doesn’t believe in Racism, BUT believes in a “Traditional” interpretation of employment such as the one used in the Southern States before 1860.

    They can B.S. all they want by trying to use other words, but a bigot is a bigot whether or not they use the word “Traditional”.

    Interesting that she doesn’t seem to believe in a “Traditional” interpretation of gender roles in the U.S. Oh that’s right, because THAT would be inconvenient for her.

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