WATCH: Lindsay Lohan As Elizabeth Taylor In First “Liz & Dick” Trailer. You’re Welcome.

Yes. Yes. YES! Lifetime has FINALLY released the trailer for the greatest television movie of all time, Liz & Dick, starring national treasure Lindsay Lohan as the legendary Elizabeth Taylor and Grant Bowler as Richard Burton.

And it’s everything we’d hoped it would be.

Over the top. Melodramatic. And (unintentionally) campy. In a scant 30 seconds we see La Lohan as La Liz drunkenly hurl a bottle of booze at the wall, casually dismiss ending her fourth marriage (“Who’s counting?!”) and generally own everything and everyone.

This is bound to be so bad it’s good, you guys. Just seeing Linds throw a bottle at Grant Bowler’s head while screaming, “You’re screwing that witch?!” makes all the sadness in the world go away. Happy Friday, kids.